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Evanna Lynch from ‘Harry Potter’ reacted hilariously to the first book

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Evanna Lynch had a rich career as an actress, writer, and activist, but her rise to fame began with Harry Potter. It makes it even more funny that her childhood reaction to books was to reject them for the dumbest reason imaginable when her mother brought home the first book (via buzzfeed). “I remember my first reaction was simply, ‘I don’t want to read about boy With glasses‘ Lynch recalled. “It just didn’t interest me, so I ignored it.”

The reasoning of a small child must be one of the funniest things in the world. Of course, we can all remember the same arbitrary thing that we thought was very important in childhood, and how it later turned out almost immediately that we were wrong. Luckily for her, Lynch was no different and soon found herself enjoying the magical adventure just as much as the rest of her family.

“Then my mom would read a chapter to my brother before bed and I was in the room and I was like, ‘Oh shit, that’s good,’” Lynch continued. “So when they went to bed, I took this book and that was it. I just started reading and I loved it.”

Looks like Lynch learned a valuable lesson that day: sometimes you just have to admit you were wrong, especially when it stops you from enjoying something. Either way, the actress inevitably fell in love with the series and is still loved by fans for her work in the Harry Potter franchise.

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