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Vegas Fans Think Creators Will Prank Katherine’s Return in Season 2

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Creating an unofficial poll on Reddit, you/JayMonster65 asked, “Obviously after season 1 they won’t be able to rework the ‘save the lab/legacy’ angle (at least I hope not). So, how are they going to justify bringing Katherine back to the lab?” During the poll, they made five different options, according to which the return of Katherine would have something to do with Sam Brown (Scott Wilson), the CSI team would need Katherine due to her extensive knowledge and connections with local casinos, she would have something to do. with a daughter, she will come back because of something with her own mother, and a different overarching option, asking people to explain in the comments.

After 105 votes, the results were pretty clear with 45 votes – fans think Katherine’s return will be triggered by something to do with Lindsey (last played by Cathy Stevens), her daughter. Second place in this poll was that Katherine would have to return because the CSI team would need her extensive knowledge and connections to the casino with 32 votes. u/CRAGNET thought about Katherine’s return and stated, “Sam Brown/the old mafia in Vegas has come to an end and IIRC they’ve touched a ‘new wave’ in the show. It would be difficult to go back to it. I’d like Lindsay’s specialty given that she was working in the lab towards the end of the series, but she probably would have left the field a long time ago, definitely because of the location, especially since she didn’t come up with Grissom and Sidle.” u/Jlx_27 took a different view and said that since Season 1 ended with a likely female serial killer, they could use that path to get Katherine back.

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