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Owain Arthur and Sophia Nomwete talk about dwarven marriage, strong women and source material

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Tolkien refers to dwarven marriage and mentions that it is rare – often both women and men live separately, and they are interested in different things. However, when this happens, the actual quote I pulled was: “Dwarves only take one wife or husband in each of their lifetimes.” He adds that they are jealous of each other. There’s an intensity when it happens. Did you let that influence how you built your characters’ relationships?

Name: There’s definitely a huge amount of passion between us, at best. Sometimes, if there are moments when we are trying to convince each other of something, this can also heat up a lot. There is this great dynamics and chemistry when we are pushed, pulled and thrown into all sorts of situations. But at the core of Disa and Durin is love—true, unconditional love. We will always come back to this, but you will surely like the directions in which they are stretched, and seeing the height of these emotions, [where] you will see a certain fire.

Arthur: The qualities of the gnomes are present, both with each other and between us. You will definitely see the stubborn Durin.

Name: But you will also see the equality of men and women of the dwarves, which is extremely important.

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