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How Classic 1980s Action-Horror Comedies Influenced JJ Perry’s Practical Effects in Day Shift

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In an exclusive interview with Looper, JJ Perry said that when considering how action and horror would be presented in Day Shift, he looked back to some of his favorite films from his youth for inspiration. Moreover, the director focused on how the films were made.

“I graduated from high school in 1986, so Big Trouble in Little China, The Lost Boys, The Evil Dead and Fright Night were my favorite movies—maybe not always, but they are right there. They are in the same action movie, horror comedy. [genre of ‘Day Shift’]Perry explained. “These ingredients are the same as in the film I made. Sam Raimi is a genius… I was a big fan of him because he did everything on camera. I learned the business before you could say, “Let’s fix this at the post office.” In “Day Shift” everything was done on camera, [and] visual effects [were used] just to increase. [There were] never dominated by visuals. I didn’t want to make this film.”

Perry was happy to take an old-school approach to movie magic when it came to Day Shift, and he pointed to the success of Top Gun: Maverick to illustrate that audiences still want their visuals to be practical.

“Look at [the practical work in] “Best shooter”. That was great. I think people want to see it again,” Perry said. — I’m tired of opaque, half-cartoon-half-real films. When you see people in gravity and it should work, it makes me feel better. This is the school where I studied. In 10 years, they will no longer have to participate in the chase. They will revive them. But I’ll be long gone by then… I’ll fish and play golf!”

Day Shift is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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