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Futurama fans hope to get more answers about this character in the reboot

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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“Hopefully we get some backstory for this guy in the reboot…” he wrote. you / PlayerTwo85 in the r/futurama subreddit. “This guy” is some scientist with glasses. As is clear from subsequent comments, he is a minor character, appearing multiple times in the same episode: “Three Hundred Big Boys”. When Leela (Katey Sagal) wants to use her tax refund to swim with a whale, she goes to the Brooklyn Aquarium and buys whale mushu time from this manvoiced by David Herman.

“I’m a whale biologist,” he says. “Though I personally hate whales. Especially Mushu. We will never know his name. We will also, emphatically, never know why he chose to become a whale biologist despite hating whales. He appears a few more times in the episode, usually just to say something offensive, which he apologizes for being a whale biologist. And judging by the number of replies that u/PlayerTwo85’s original post received, most of which are, for example, from u/Ill-Ad-532 as well as u / Malfunction Scottyare just quoting his rude responses – many others would love to see the whale biologist return. “Perhaps it will be recorded if someone wears an ugly swimsuit,” wrote you/donuts4lunch.

Even if the character doesn’t get another care in the reboot, it’s likely that David Herman will. The MADtv alum has appeared in over a hundred episodes of Futurama, voicing other recurring and supporting characters, from the unstable robot Roberto to the Scruffy Janitor (via IMDb). So while we may never know how this whale-hating whale biologist came to be, we’ll still get a lot of weird one-liners and weird behavior – and with a voice we recognize to boot.

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