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‘The Family Business’ Season 2: Darrin Dewitt Henson Teases Orlando’s Child and ‘No More Money, No More Problems’

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Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob
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The central cast of characters in Carl Weber’s BET drama “The Family Business,” which recently moved from the network to its BET+ streaming platform for its second season, are referred to as “The Duncan Family,” as Darrin Dewitt Henson proudly proclaims. .

The show’s second season continues after the first season’s cliffhanger, where the Duncans were captured by Consuela, and initially focuses on their release before moving on to the ever-evolving storyline of Duncans’ most recent work. Orlando Duncan, Heat. Along with the city’s hottest drug comes a slew of seething drama, and Orlando finds himself negotiating his way to drug lordship while coming to the terrifying revelation that he’s a parent. Playing in Orlando is nothing less than “hitting a sack,” according to Henson, if that’s to be believed. “More money, more problems”, after all.

A three-time NAACP Image Award nominee, Henson has kept herself busy throughout her quarantine creating wholesome and assertive t-shirts for her fans, who have been deeply moved. However, his BET+ drama persona avatar has taken care of a very complicated existence. Henson discusses his story in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide, saying “Orlando is also his brother’s keeper and his brother put himself in a compromising position” (MEAWW). Along with facing the reality that he has a child with Ruby and can’t locate her, he’s currently sitting in the boss’ chair. Although he is in pain, he must keep his attention on the task at hand and defend his immediate family. As for how Orlando’s arc will develop over the course of the season, the actor-turned-choreographer suggests there’s a tussle inside him and he’s starting to reveal more of what drives him. .

A spectacular twist inaugurates the charm of drama in Weber’s work. The Duncans are a typical business-oriented family during the day, and their exotic vehicle dealership business is doing well as usual. However, they also have a side business as drug lords, and Orlando’s most recent creation has upped the ante for the family as they battle outside forces with constant competition. Orlando is the star of the game, of course; he’s a rich, multi-faceted character whose pace of life may require a break from time to time. Henson said of stepping into the zone of this turbulent on-screen lifestyle, “Orlando is a thinker who contemplates with patience, so I slip into all of these things and become righteous.”

But using this avatar is not without difficulties. “In my opinion, it takes time to play someone else outside of your life. It takes skill. It needs study. The experiences of the character make it difficult at times. I live the character, I live it because it’s based on the current emotions. Because you don’t just take off a costume and everything changes, sometimes I just have to sit down for a bit after we’re done filming. Henson explains that to unwind after a demanding day playing the role, he frequently goes to the beach, runs, works out, and boxing.Despite this, Henson wouldn’t change a single aspect of Orlando. emotional roller coaster, or a ride.

Henson also discusses the underlying speed differences between the two seasons’ plots and how season 2 is a more realistic representation of all the action promised by the first season. He explains: “There were a lot of expectations and tensions from the first season to the second. Therefore, for me it was similar to going to the gym or boxing again. Sure, you hit it, but what exactly happens while you hit? Are you becoming more powerful? Are you speeding up? What is altered? And from what I can tell, that’s how things are currently going between the first and second seasons. I am aware of how my life is changing. Am I developing? Am I getting wiser? Is my life getting better?

Henson also compares Orlando’s arc in Season 2 to issues that are currently troubling the world. The actor reveals what’s in store for him, saying “It’s really about raising awareness.” “New insights are being raised daily. So despite everything that our society is facing, (playing Orlando) gives me the chance to be still, to watch and to be attentive, much like Orlando. Henson promises her character will experience more drama than her followers could ever have imagined as she encourages people to “not be reactive, but be responsible, and then take the next steps.”

The first six episodes of Season 2 of “The Family Business” aired on BET+ for the Season 2 premiere, with additional episodes airing once a week on Fridays.

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