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How Rebecca Gayheart overcame Brett Ratner, vehicle manslaughter and THAT nude video to find love and loss with Eric Dane

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Edward Jacob
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Rebecca Gayheart, who was in the movie ‘Jawbreaker’, met her ex-husband, actor Eric Dane, 49, known for his roles in ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ and ‘Euphoria’.

The whole family was seen taking a trip to Europe together. Gayheart and Dane married in October 2004 and were together for 14 years. In 2018, they said they were breaking up because they couldn’t work out their differences. Billie Beatrice Dane is 12 and Georgia Dane is 10. During the divorce, Gayheart requested support for his wife and shared legal and physical custody of their two daughters. Gayheart and Dane get along well and would be great co-parents.

On Monday August 15, 2022, four years after the couple broke up, the family was spotted vacationing in France. Gayheart posted photos of their trip on Instagram. She put “This is us, family vacation 2022” in the title of the post. She also used emojis for the French flag, a party, and a heart, and she used hashtags like “Good times” and “Eurodanes.” In the photo, the ‘Euphoria’ actor stands in front of the rest of his family with his arms wide open and a smile on his face. In the background, Georgia, Billie and Gayheart can be seen as the family walk down a street in France. Dane said in 2019 that he and Gayheart were friends: “We have two kids. It’s not high class…it doesn’t have to be. Gayheart said it was “difficult” for them to share parenthood, so she had to do a lot on her own. She told him, “I raised my children ‘pretty much alone’. With the pandemic and people moving away from each other, it’s been difficult. But they’ve been here with me, which has been great. They have been in the same place for a long time. »

They’ve come a long way since they’ve been together. Gayheart was with Brett Ratner, a director and producer who was accused by six women of sexually harassing them. When Gayheart moved to New York in 1986, she met Ratner, who was 17 at the time. Gayheart’s first role was in a student short film directed by Ratner. The two dated for 13 years. In 1997, Ratner asked her to marry him.

In 2001, Gayheart was in a car accident that killed nine-year-old Jorge Cruz Jr. She convicted of manslaughter of a vehicle on Nov. 27, 2001 and was given three years probation, a one-year license suspension, a $2,800 fine and 750 hours of community service. general. Ratner was with her when she went to court. Later, the two separated for reasons that have never been explained.

Dane, who was in the movie “Euphoria”, struggled with severe depression and substance abuse. “This is a very serious matter,” Dane told TODAY in 2017 when he was on the show. “I felt very confused because I didn’t know why I was sad, but it’s a real thing. And that was the scary part: when you wake up and think, ‘I don’t want to get out of the bed “.

In 2009, a sleazy video of Dane and Gayheart in a nude bathtub with former Miss US Teen Kari Ann Peniche was leaked and posted on the Gawker site, which no longer exists. The “Euphoria” star didn’t talk about the tape in public for a long time. During a 2014 interview, he broke his silence and said it was his “one regret”. He told People: “We’ve all made mistakes. My only regret is that Rebecca, the person I love the most, got caught up in this.

In a statement to E! News when they broke up, they said, “We will remain friends and work together to raise our two beautiful daughters, who are the most important thing in the world to us.”

Dane spoke to Glamor about the leaked video and said, “I often think about the answer I gave. And now that we can see, was it a mistake? Not even close. Three adults who agree, one of whom is my wife? Nothing I did was wrong. Most likely I was talking about drug use in the video. Did I say something wrong? Again, I don’t think I’ve always broken the law and made people bad.

He also said, “There were only three of us taking a bath.” Dane’s attorney, Marty Singer, said at the time that it was “not a sex tape” and was “a private, consensual moment between a married couple, filmed several years ago, which was never intended for the public. see.”

Even after their split, the two were seen vacationing together. Gayheart’s Instagram handle still bears Dane’s last name. Before Dane and Gayheart returned to work on their own projects, the holidays were probably a good break for them. Gayheart is said to be gearing up for the upcoming ‘Urban Legend’ movie, which is in pre-production, while Dane already has four movies lined up. IMDb says he’ll be in “One Fast Move” with KJ Apa.

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