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Dr. Sandra Lee successfully finds the correct diagnosis for Donna

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In the Season 8 finale of “Dr. Pimple Popper,” Dr. Sandra Lee sees a patient who says she has psoriasis. Donna has a complicated past and she hopes Dr. Lee can finally figure out what’s wrong. don’t go to her house.

Donna is 49 and lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Her skin is dry and red. She has terrible skin problems affecting her elbows, arms, hands, chest, neck and lower back. The worst thing she finds on her face is that it makes her eyes look tired or droopy. Donna says her whole family has psoriasis because her father and mother have it.

In 2015, Donna had a problem that started with an itch under her wedding ring and spread to her hand. Donna first went to her family doctor, who told her to see a dermatologist. She tried creams, ointments, antibiotics and prednisone, but none of them helped. His skin problem prevents him from doing many things during the day, especially anything that involves water as it causes his skin to burn.

Donna finally goes to see Dr. Lee because she’s been sick for seven years and nothing has helped. Donna talks to the doctor about her family’s health issues and how other doctors have said she has psoriasis. After discovering that none of the psoriasis medications worked for Donna, Dr. Lee realizes that her medical history is complicated. Dr. Lee notes that because the skin around the eyes is so thin, the itching has made the sensitive area more obvious.

Upon closer examination, Dr. Lee finds that the skin around Donna’s neck and on her hands has become itchy. The cracks in her skin have become so tight and deep that they are beginning to break. Dr. Lee sees no plaque psoriasis, which only occurs on certain parts of the body and usually looks thicker and drier. This leads the doctor to wonder if Donna even has psoriasis.

Dr. Lee thinks Donna has eczema. Eczema causes patches that seem to bleed and leak. So Dr. Lee gives Donna a new drug called Dupilumab, which is specially designed for eczema and can help affected areas get better. Dr. Lee, on the other hand, says that to find out what’s wrong with Donna’s skin, a punch biopsy would have to be done. Dr. Lee is sure the new treatment will work, but he thinks a punch biopsy will give them more information. She gives Dupilumab to Donna and waits to see what happens.

Since Elizabeth saw Dr. Lee 10 weeks ago, her skin has changed a lot. Almost every part of his body that was injured by his illness was almost all better. His skin doesn’t itch, look red or show as much. Her biopsy showed she had a pustular corneal dermatosis, so Dr. Lee immediately gave her new medication. This caused Donna’s skin to do a full 180.

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