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A quick genesis story with a ton of compelling content

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Edward Jacob
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Full review of She-Hulk Episode 1: A quick genesis story with a ton of gripping content

When She-Hulk debuted on Disney+ on August 18, 2022, it not only brought another legendary heroine to television, but also expanded the roster of superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The first episode of the series was disturbingly fast and delves into the past of Jennifer Walters, the main character. This brief deep dive is in stark contrast to recent Marvel movies like Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel, which took their time getting started and establishing the framework for their characters.




#SheHulk: Marvel Studios lawyer is “a must”.

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The first episode of She-Hulk took less than seven minutes to introduce viewers to her story, which was a fresh take on Marvel’s over-the-top origin tales. The sequel to the tale, which depicts the vastly improved Hulk learning to control his abilities, is even more fascinating.

Review of the episode of She-first Hulk:




Just a fun everyday #SheHulk cousin interaction



She-Hulk drew criticism for its poor quality CGI, but there’s still enough content on the show for viewers to find it entertaining. After a few frames, the CGI stops being distracting in light of the content.

In many ways, the program is different and inspiring, providing a stark contrast to what Marvel fans may be used to. One of the most notable deviations is the way She-Hulk forgoes the endless stories of the MCU in favor of quickly crafting a compelling narrative for her eponymous character.




Find someone who is capable of both. #SheHulk #JenWalters

@CryssyCheung is the artist.

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The show’s backdrop, reminiscent of a 1990s courtroom drama, adds to its appeal.

As the program opens, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) prepares to make a closing statement alongside her friend Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) and attorney Dennis (Drew Matthews). Jen then immediately addresses the camera after making the well-written comment, essentially breaking the fourth wall for the first time in the MCU.

K Asvin

K Asvin


Tatiana Maslany was someone I had never seen before, and she seems like the perfect choice for the role.

Besides breaking the fourth wall, I hope they call out all the most offensive stuff in the MCU.

#TatianaMaslany #SheHulk

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For a cinematic universe that often deals with the illusion of a different reality inside the screen, it’s a bold move.

Jen speaks to the camera and describes how she became the She-Hulk. The storyline soon changes to the day of a tragic event where Jen, who is Bruce Banner’s cousin, was unwittingly imbued with the blood of Bruce Banner (played by the exceptional Mark Ruffalo)

As Bruce tries to teach Jen how to be a Hulk, Jen spends most of the remaining first episode coming to terms with his unexpected abilities.




Some show-offs showing off using the hashtag “She Hulk”



Although she has superpowers similar to those of Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters is nothing like him, as this whole storyline perfectly illustrates. She’s the “smart hulk” from the start because she’s in total control, is logical, and has emotional control.

The show’s creators actually used this to make a social statement by having Jen say that women are used to being pissed off all the time (thanks patriarchy!).

spoilers for Ethan &psi’s She-Hulk!

Ethan’s She-Hulk Spoilers!



I find it hilarious that the Hulk says “bruh” for some reason.

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The episode’s other fantasy sequences demonstrate the need for a woman to control the power of the Hulk (the nightclub scene). But it also shows that, contrary to what many people think, having superpowers isn’t always a good thing.

The episode then jumps back to the present as Jen enters the courtroom to make her closing argument after delving into these complex themes.

fandom hugging THE SHE-HULK ERA IS HERE

fandom hugging THE SHE-HULK ERA IS HERE


Spoilers for #SheHulk

The literal definition of the moment



The episode’s final scene featured She-Hulk using her abilities (for the first time) against an enraged Titania (Jameela Jamil) who bursts into the courtroom.

Mr Bug

Mr Bug

@buggy con

#SheHulk Wow, did you just blow through Titania? No physical combat? Is that all?




The episode left viewers hopeful and full of promise for the remaining episodes. The new Marvel movie would have benefited from better CGI and a more consistent pacing, but given that it’s only the first episode, we can expect things to gradually improve as we go along. and as the plot develops.

The She-debut Hulk episode is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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