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Why isn’t Cubs announcer Jim Deshaies announcing tonight? Sickness and Health Update

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Jim Deshaies is an American left-handed starter who played in the major leagues. He played for six different Major League Baseball (MLB) teams during his 12 years in the league.

On August 7, 1984, he played his first Major League Baseball game for the New York Yankees. In 1986, his first full season with the Astros, he won 12 games, which was a rookie record for the Astros.

From 1997 to 2012, Deshaies and Bill Brown both commentated on Astros TV broadcasts. Fans admired him as an analyst and he was very popular in his day.

Currently, he is a color commentator for Chicago Cubs games that air on television. When Len Kasper left the role in 2020, Deshaies was chosen to take over.

Where is Jim Deshaies, the Cubs announcer, tonight?

Jim Deshaies (JD), who is the Cubs color analyst, will not be at the MLB game on Tuesday. He hasn’t done his little job of commenting on things for a few days.

The Chicago Cubs (44-64) play the Nationals again on Tuesday night, but JD fans are going to miss it a lot.

Last week, the commentator gave an update on his health and explained why he didn’t come. After contracting COVID, he has to stay in bed for the time being.

When some viewers learned that Jim wasn’t on the show, they sent their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

One person on Twitter said, “Jim Deshaies, feel better. You’ll be back in your fanny pack and on your folding bike in no time.

Sickness & Health News About Jim Deshaies

Jim Deshaies isn’t going to parties right now because he found out he has COIVD. He is lucky that his symptoms are not too severe and I hope he can return to work soon.

The announcer also told friends and followers on social media that he received two injections and a booster injection.

Other than what Covid has said, no one has said anything about his health so he may be fine now.

Later, Billy Krumb also said that Cubs analyst Jim had been diagnosed with COVID-19, and he prayed for Jim’s speedy recovery.

What happened to Jim Deshaies, the voice of the Cubs?

Many Cubs fans were worried about Jim Deshaies because he wasn’t at Wrigley Field Monday for the Cubs-Nationals game.

After testing positive for covid-19, Deshaies expected to be out of action for a few days.

Jim wrote about his situation on Twitter on August 9. He said: “Tested positive for Covid and will be out of service for a few days.”

Heading into the Field of Dreams game this week, the Cubs have two games left against the Nationals.

The Cubs and Cincinnati Reds will square off in MLB’s second Field of Dreams event. The game will be played on the historic land in Dyersville, Iowa, which served as the setting for the movie of the same name.

Jim Deshaies marries Lori Deshaies and her family

Lori Deshaies is well known because she is married to Jim Deshaies. The Deshaies married in October 1985 and their relationship is still strong.

After becoming friends in high school, Jim and Lori went on a few dates before getting married.

Kelly, Libby and Molly Deshaies are the couple’s three happy daughters. After Kelly graduated from high school, they moved to Chicago.

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