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Who unveiled the Real Geordie DMS? The Nile Rangers text message scandal over a rant

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Brian Davis, often known as True Geordie, is a well-known podcast and YouTube host. He is best known for his tirades against Newcastle United FC.

Geordie has also written about analyzing the English Premier League.

The YouTuber has already made a name for himself as one of YouTube’s most recognized interviewers thanks to his self-titled True Geordie podcast, which he co-produces with Laurence McKenna. On YouTube, he has a total of 1.98 subscribers.

On his podcast Geordie has interviewed a number of YouTubers and celebrities including Ricky Gervais, Ian Wright and Alan Shearer who is one of his idols.

The online conversations between Geordie and her partner were made public in August 2020. The text of her message had initially baffled me. Some people believed that Geordie was dead and kept his admirers in the dark.

Who unveiled the Real Geordie DMS?

Last year, private DMs between True Geordie and its partner went public online. The obscene messages were taken down and posted on his Instagram.

Following the distribution of a screenshot of his posts, Geordie had become a popular Twitter meme. The podcast host has frequently touched on his bedroom fantasies in his lyrics. Instagram private chat material is too graphic to display. The posts sparked significant outrage on the internet.

The Newcastle-based YouTuber addressed the revelations in the video titled ‘True Geordie Responds’. Sometimes you just follow a road with nasty messages coming and going, the man continued. You compete to surpass yourself.

It’s just a fancy chat, he continued, adding that it was just two adults contacting each other. This was in response to other guests on the show mocking Davis about his DM scandal.

Real Geordie’s Nile Rangers saga and rant

Former Newcastle United player and controversial athlete Nile Ranger has been the subject of an intriguing interview with True Geordie.

Ranger has a history of legal issues and has already served two prison terms. After his last release from prison he played for Southend, Blackpool and Swindon in the future. Currently, he is looking for a new team.

The podcast host and Ranger discussed the striker’s troubles at Tyneside, his recent misdeeds and his subsequent struggles to find a new club in 2018.

Who is the real Newcastle? Wikipedia of him

On January 26, 1987, Brian Davis, aka True Geordie, was born.

Sports are the main focus of Geordie’s channel, and its YouTube stars and staff have often teamed up to play on the “XO FC” soccer team.

As a Newcastle United supporter, Geordie rose to fame. On networking sites, it was previously known as FootballFan533, but is now called True Geordie. His surname plays on the colloquial term “Geordie”, which refers to people living in the Newcastle area.

He regularly uploads photos to his Instagram account, @truegeordieofficial, showing up with well-known people. Despite this, he and his wife do not appear in any photos together.

Although Davis is likely single, people know he has a partner from the widespread use of his photos. He was, however, very quiet about his specifics.

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