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Who is she? The Salford Women’s Cause of Death

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Two days after being admitted to hospital for the third time for psychological problems in June 2021, Malgorzata Swiatlon perished in the River Irwell.

The woman who was later found dead in the river had been to hospital three times due to her long COVID, an inquest has heard.

Who is Malgorzata Swiatlon, the obituary?

Malgorzata Swiatlon is remembered as the woman who made headlines after being taken to hospital three times in a row and then found drowned in a river.

The sister first reported the Salford woman missing, and she was later discovered dead in a river.

The inquest revealed that the deceased woman had been to hospital several times before her body was discovered, raising the possibility that she had attempted suicide.

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She had no symptoms of suicidal thoughts or desires, nurses and doctors at the facilities Swialton visited said.

The precise reason why Malgorzata was found drowned in a river is still under investigation by authorities.

Malgorzata testified in court that doctors even said she should be worried about her most recent symptoms.

She had also “generally” become more worried since her coronavirus test came back positive in February.

How did the Salford wife behave? Cause of death of Malgorzata Swiatlon

In Salford, police were concerned about the disappearance of a 37-year-old woman. On June 14, 2021, Malgorzata Swiatlon was last seen in Salford on South Radford Street.

Swiatlon is described as being white, having black hair, and wearing glasses. She was also dressed in blue jeans, a gray sweater and yellow slippers. The body of the missing woman was found in the River Irwell.

The Mental Health Liaison Team at Salford Royal Hospital assessed Malgorzata three times in the week before his death, according to evidence presented at an inquest.

Little biographical information on the deceased has been made public by police custody. The deceased soul’s family may wish to keep Stalford’s wife’s biography private.

Family and husband of Malgorzata Swiatlon

On June 14, 2021, Malgorzata Swiatlon disappeared from her home in Salford. Two days later, underwater search parties located his body in the River Irwell.

Swiatlon had been married. According to the Sacrificial Soul Sister, Swialton was married to her husband, Adam Jozwiuk.

Between June 8 and June 13, a 37-year-old woman presented to A&E three times with symptoms of anxiety but was always turned away.

Salford, Manchester @Salford
Sadly, Kersal resident Malgorzata Swiatlon was found dead earlier this month.

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After the Stalford wife disappeared, her sister Jolanta Swiatlon flew from London to Salford after receiving a worried call from Malgorzata’s boyfriend Adam Jozwiuk.

When she called the police to report her missing, the call handler incorrectly classified her as medium risk, Bolton Coroner’s Court heard.

No information about other family members, apart from her husband and sister, has been revealed by any news source.

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