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Who is Sandie Rinaldo, her husband Michael Rinaldo? What is the CTV News reporter’s salary in 2022?

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Canadian journalist Sandie Rinaldo works for CTV News. Shortly after graduating, the anchor joined the company. She was married to Michael Rinaldo, and the two had three daughters.

The CTV reporter is known for being rude to Bob Marley, whom she interviewed while he was on tour in Canada.

Rinaldo reflected on her interview with the famous musician and said she wished she could have done it again because she was asked a lot of questions that she probably shouldn’t have answered at the time.

In 1985, she became a weekend anchor for CTV National News, a position she has held ever since, except for a brief stint from 1990 to 1991 as co-host of the local World Beat News.

Sandie Rinaldo Husband What happened to Michael Rinaldo?

Sandie Rinaldo is married to Michael Rinaldo. Michael was married to Rinaldo, but died in a horrific accident in 2005. The man Rinaldo was married to died in 2005 of lung cancer.

Even after all these years, she still misses her partner, who she calls her husband and best friend. Rinaldo and her husband seemed to get along very well, but unfortunately death separated them.

The CTV reporter was shocked when her beloved husband passed away. During his freshman year at York University, Rinaldo met her husband, Michael. When they met by chance, it led to dates, and those dates led to love. They fell in love quickly and got married before Rinaldo finished his studies.

He had been married and had children. He and Sandie said their wedding vows. Sandie and Michael had a great relationship and were always together. Even though they worked different hours, they were still able to keep their relationship strong.

How much does Sandie Rinaldo earn? Value in 2022

Professional journalists like Sandie Rinaldo make a lot of money every year. Some sources say they can earn up to a million dollars, but that might not be true.

Payscale.com has a list of the average salary of a CTV News reporter, so if we use that as a guide, Sandie’s salary could be around $90-100,000.

Rinaldo replaced Robertson’s replacement, Lisa LaFlamme, on the main daily national show. Since 2009, Sandie has hosted CTV News Channel’s three daily afternoon shows.

Sandie Rinaldo Children and Family

Sandie Rinaldo and her husband had a family that included their three children. Her husband died in 2005.

Michael and Rinaldo have three daughters. She also worked as a presenter while pregnant with her first child during the Christmas season. Even though her due date is in January, she started having contractions, which became less painful as the show progressed.

Even though the couple worked hard, they still had time to raise their children well. Sandie went to work in the morning, while Michale went to work at night.

This is how they made work and family life coexist. Rinaldo says her late husband was responsible for raising their daughter. In an interview, she said working away is a relief because you know someone who loves your kids is watching them.

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