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What’s the French song in the Netflix Wednesday trailer?

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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If you swear you heard the song playing in the Wednesday trailer, it’s because you probably have. The song “Non, je ne referte rien”, which means “No, I do not regret anything” in English, is one of the most popular tracks of the famous French singer Edith Piaf. He has been covered and played numerous times on The Good Wife, Ted Lasso, and even several times on Star Trek: Picard. Fans who have watched Inception more than once will best remember it as a song played numerous times throughout the film to wake the characters from their dreams, with Hans Zimmer explaining Los Angeles Times how the song was part of the film’s architecture. “You understand that the elements that we took from the Piaf song is how you move from one dream level to another,” he said.

The song is perfect for a wide variety of scenarios as Piaf sings about leaving the past without regrets. But with lyrics pertaining to not having regrets for good or evil done and with the line “I lit a fire” that we see vividly during the trailer, the tune also works for a young Wednesday Addams who obviously has no regrets about pain. . she hurts others.

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