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Top 13 Dean Winchester Supernatural Witnesses

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Dean spends a lot of time on Supernatural, trying to convince himself (and everyone else) that he hates sentimental moments. It’s pretty transparent for a guy who’s almost perfected the art of sentimental farewell speech. In the show’s “Pilot” episode, Dean and Sam have one of their patented soft broments and Dean says, “No girl movie moments.” The quote pops up more than once, and each time, no one really believes that Dean isn’t looking forward to his many heart-to-heart revelations, even if they mostly happen at moments of impending doom.

He and Sam also frequently cut sentimental moments, with Dean teasing Sam with a “bitch” and Sam responding with a “jerk”. Hey, on this show, no one promised even-tempered brothers. However, as the seasons pass, Dean thinks less and less about his big heart and how much he cares about those around him. Of course, he will still joke around from time to time, but he hardly even tries to be convincing.

This is the case when he has another impending moment of death in the season 11 episode “Alpha and Omega”. Dean puts on his martyr cap to take on the role of the living bomb, and after joking about wanting Gary Busey to read his eulogy, he tells a distraught Sam, “Come on. You know the exercise. No girly moments.” Finally, Sam tells him of his love for good juice, shooting back, “Yeah, you like girly movies.” And in the moment of death (again), Dean finally admits, “Yes, you’re right,” before ending the moment with a hug. Ouch.

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