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The MCU Movie You Probably Didn’t Know Starred Jenna Ortega

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Just months before Jenna Ortega first dived into horror in 2013’s Astral: Chapter 2, the actress made her film debut in the MCU’s Iron Man 3. Although her actual role in the film is quite small and mostly dependent on a single scene, her character is still crucial to the overall plot.

In the film, Ortega portrays the daughter of the fictional US Vice President Rodriguez (Miguel Ferrer), a young girl with a disability in the form of a missing right leg. In a major plot twist, Rodriguez is revealed to be helping the film’s antagonist Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) in exchange for access to the drug Extremis, which will supposedly remove his daughter’s disability. Of course, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) foils this sinister plot, and in the Iron Man 3 ending, the official is arrested for treason, leaving Ortega’s character’s ultimate fate unknown.

While Ortega’s role in the MCU is essentially a cameo, appearing in a Marvel movie is a way to make his big screen debut. It also speaks to the actress’ varied filmography outside of horror films, as she has appeared in everything from TV thrillers to family sitcoms and, yes, superhero films. “Ultimately, I don’t want to be branded and I want to do my best,” Ortega told the publication. Women’s clothing for every day. “I’m someone who’s constantly looking for some kind of balance.”

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