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Remains of masked victims are discovered in Lake Mead

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Fishing while you sleep: Drying More remains of masked victims are discovered in Lake Mead
Many people are guessing the identities of the dead after discovering numerous remains in Nevada’s rapidly shrinking Lake Mead.

A fifth set of human remains was found near a dry lake on Monday and is believed to be linked to “mafia murders”. Many remains have been discovered in Nevada’s Lake Mead, which is rapidly evaporating. Many people have speculated about who died and how they perished.

This year, as water levels plummeted to historic lows, three equally gruesome discoveries were made in the Swim Beach area. To determine whether they belong to the same individual or to different people, they are currently being researched.

Las Vegas Police Department divers helped National Park Service rangers establish a perimeter and find the remains at 8 p.m. Monday night. In addition to the three fragmentary discoveries at Swim Beach, two other sets of bones have been found at the lake since May. This includes a guy who was found partially buried in a barrel at the bottom of a lake that had recently been uncovered by receding waters.

Lt Ray Spencer, a homicide unit detective at the time, said: ‘I would say there is a very high probability that once the water level drops we will locate d ‘other human remains.’

Just a week later, a second set of bones was discovered near Calville Bay on the lake, according to CNN. According to preliminary tests, they belong to a man between 23 and 38 years old. The cause of death remains a mystery.

The findings fueled suspicions about early Las Vegas cold cases nearby. Some have speculated that the mafia in charge may have dumped their victims in the lake by using it as a floating graveyard. The victim who was found shot and in a barrel was undoubtedly a victim of the Mafia.

Johnny Pappas, who worked for a front company for criminals that owned four major casinos and kept a “part” of the profits, is believed to be the person for the “Mob Museum” in Las Vegas. One night in 1976, he disappeared while on his boat on Lake Mead. He is believed to have been murdered by Tony Spilotro, a notorious mob “enforcer” and serial killer who inspired the character of Joe Pesci in Martin Scorsese’s famous crime film “Casino”.

Although this may have scared off tourists, some local experts say it was much more likely that the victims were buried in the desert than dumped in the lake. Travis Heggie, a former National Park Service employee who inspected the remains of the Lake Mead Recreation Area, says “this is just the tip of the iceberg”.

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