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Randy couple have been charged after having sex in front of children on a Ferris wheel at an amusement park

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Randy couple have been charged after having sex in front of children on a Ferris wheel at an amusement park
Observers reported seeing a guy and a woman having sex on the giant wheel at Cedar Point theme park to Sandusky police.


After being accused of having sex on the Cedar Point Ferris wheel, a couple’s very adventurous day lands them in legal trouble. Both face charges of public obscenity.

Witnesses told Sandusky police they saw a man and a woman having sex on the giant wheel at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio. Two children in a gondola on the huge wheel just below the couple were among the witnesses, according to reports. They claimed to have seen the couple exposing themselves and to have felt the cart rocking. On Sunday, August 14, around 10 p.m., the trip ended and the Sandusky Police Department was contacted to respond.

According to a police report acquired by WBNS, security personnel and a police sergeant confronted Heather Johnston, 32, of Miamisburg, Ohio, and David Davis, 32, of Ruskin, Florida, after witnesses reported having saw the two adults engaging in sexual activity in the Giant Wheel Cart above them. They claimed to have seen the woman’s bare buttocks as well as the man’s genitals. The report states that witnesses “also reported that they could feel the cart shaking and see both the guy and the woman moving back and forth.” The group claimed the pair were aware of being watched, as evidenced by their continued conduct, which included laughing. Additionally, authorities observed that a witness “was quite upset by what she witnessed” and that the incident “was very distressing for her.”

The charges were initially disputed by the couple. Johnston told police she had shorts under her dress and had lost a pack of cigarettes, which Davis helped her retrieve. However, they eventually admitted to having sex while riding the roller coaster. Because they engaged in explicit driving in front of children, Johnston and Davis were both detained at the scene and transported to the Erie County Police Department where they were both charged with a misdemeanor first degree. On Monday, August 15, the couple appeared in Sandusky City Court.

About 60 miles west of Cleveland in Sandusky is the amusement park in question. The park offers 70 rides, including the famous Steel Vengeance roller coaster and the Snake River Family Expedition. The huge Ferris wheel offers a bird’s eye view of the entire park. “Roller coasters are just one aspect of Cedar Point. It goes beyond a roller coaster. It goes beyond the mile-long stretch of sand where our illustrious history began. Moments, connections and memories are built at Cedar Point,” the park’s website states. “These relationships have endured for generations and are based on customs that date back more than 150 years.” Davis and Johnston appeared in court on Monday; after posting bail, they were released.

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