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Nazanin Boniadi and Ismael Cruz Córdoba talk forbidden love and more in Rings Of Power

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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So far, we’ve seen a lot of action scenes in Arondir’s footage, and there’s a lot of practical effects in there. I’m excited as a viewer to see the practical effects, but how does that affect actual shooting compared to a lot of green screen these days and all?

Cordova: It’s a pleasure; it’s an incredible pleasure. CGI has done incredible things and we love it, and of course the show will have its share and its share, but to be able to be surrounded 360° by the work of real hands, real craftsmen, real artists who created every detail that we are there – everything you see on the ground, even moss and mold on the trees, even leaves… It really deepens the connection with the work. It affects each of our souls and the character’s soul. I’m pretty sure it will go right through the lens right into your lap.

Boniadi: Nothing can replace immersion in the world created around you.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will premiere on September 2, 2022. This is the start of a pre-planned five-season story arc that will feature over 20 characters and introduce some of the greatest stories of the Second Age. history of the Middle-earth.

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