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Murder of Carol Murphy: Where is Kevin Elmarr now?

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In May 1987, a devoted mother abruptly disappeared from her workplace, leaving family members alarmed. She was found dead the next day, which was unfortunately their worst nightmare come true. The investigation into Carol Murphy’s murder and the long quest for justice are featured in Investigation Discovery’s “On The Case With Paula Zahn: Betrayal in the Mountains”. So if you’re curious about how the culprit was ultimately imprisoned, we’ve got you covered.

Why did Carol Murphy die?

Carol Murphy has been said to have a big heart and always put her children first. The 28-year-old worked at a company in Longmont, Colorado as a night security guard. Relatives of the family have described Carol’s difficult background and some claims that she was sexually abused as a child. She and Curtis Murphy were already married at the time of the incident. But due to their association with another married couple, they were no longer close. While Curtis was residing with Willy’s wife, Kendra, Carol was seeing a man named William Taylor.

On May 22, 1987, Carol was last seen leaving the office around 9 a.m. after finishing her shift. The next day, hikers in Colorado’s Left Hand Canyon discovered a dead body and alerted authorities at 2:00 p.m. Carol’s naked body was lying face down and covered in branches when the cops arrived. Her throat was slit and ligature marks showed she had been choked from behind. The blood led authorities to suspect that Carol had been murdered where she was discovered.

Who was Carol Murphy’s killer?

The police did not find much evidence at the crime scene. According to the episode, there was no indication of a struggle, and Carol’s clothes were not found in the area creek until much later. Curtis and William were first questioned by authorities, but both were later disqualified, leaving them distraught. They then discovered that Carol had left the office on May 22, 1987, but her car was still there. She had also taken a biker on a motorcycle.

The only person with a bicycle in Carol’s life that the police knew of was her ex-husband, Kevin Elmarr. She ran away as a teenager to live with Kevin, who was her second cousin. Their son was born in 1979, while their daughter was born in 1977. Carol cheated on Kevin, who then filed for divorce, but they continued to live together as it was more profitable for them to do so. Then, in 1983, Carol’s friend Norma and her five children moved into the same house. Kevin and Norma eventually got married and were present when Carol was killed.

When Kevin was questioned, he admitted to authorities that he saw Carol on May 22 outside his workplace and that she gave him a birthday card. However, in a later interview, Kevin admitted that they had only gone out for a quick breakfast before claiming to have left her at her workplace. Although Kevin said he applied for several jobs afterward, authorities at the time were unable to corroborate his whereabouts.

Authorities also discovered that Carol had tipped them off on a trip to the mountains to engage in sexual activity with her ex-husband from a colleague of hers. A witness claimed to have seen Carol riding a motorcycle earlier near the crime scene; the description matched Kevin’s. Additionally, once Carol’s body was discovered, Norma allegedly asked a friend, “What were we supposed to do?” She wouldn’t leave us.

It was also announced that Kevin and Carol were engaged in a contentious custody dispute over their two children. Despite the circumstantial evidence, Kevin was not detained at the time as there was no solid evidence linking him to the crime. It was not until 2007 that further study of DNA evidence was made possible due to technological improvements. According to the show, when the rape kit from that era was examined, Kevin’s DNA was found to be present.

Given that he had previously admitted to not having had sex with Carol for years, Kevin was at a loss for words to explain this. According to the prosecution, Kevin believed Carol was preventing him from obtaining custody of their two children. He intended to assassinate her, give custody to Norma, and then enlist in the army. According to the drama, he needed a job. Kevin joined the army, but he also married Norma again in secret. He was removed from his post after the army found out.

Currently, where is Kevin Elmarr?

However, the defense claimed that because Kevin was winning the custody dispute, he had no reason to murder Carol. Additionally, they mentioned William and other likely possibilities. On the day she was last seen, Carol’s car was spotted in her apartment and later driven back to the parking lot. Additionally, William’s apartment included a pink top that witnesses recalled Carol was wearing on the same day. But he had an alibi, according to the show.

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