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Misha Collins’ breathtaking guest appearance on ‘Supernatural’ landed him a lead role

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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As popular as the angelic copy of Dean (Jensen Ackles) was, Cus’s initial path to becoming part of the team was slow. He appears intermittently throughout season 4 as an angel unwilling to side with his tough angelic family. Misha Collins only achieved happiness after many episodes in the trenches, as he described in a podcast. “Inside you.”

“Well, they didn’t make me a regular that fast,” Collins explained to host Michael Rosenbaum. “It was gradual. They kept adding three more episodes… three more episodes, and then finally they said, “Okay, looks like we’re stuck with you.” Cus became an emotional touchstone for the series, especially for Dean’s development as a character. Instead of being co-dependent with his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean had to stand up to what their father had done to his self-esteem. Cas pulling him out of the doom made him realize he was worth saving and greatly contributed to Dean’s maturation in later seasons.

Cus also brought a new kind of humor to the series. He constantly falls into fish-out-of-water scenarios, unable to comprehend the complexity of human emotions. In the end, the showrunners couldn’t ignore how important he became to the show’s story and let him stay. But, unfortunately for Collins, his career on the show did not go smoothly.

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