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Leonardo – canceled + renewed series

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Net: CW
Episodes: Current (hour)
Seasons: Continuous

TV show dates: August 16, 2022 – present
Series status: Has not been canceled

Among the performers: Aidan Turner, Matilda de Angelis, Giancarlo Giannini, Freddie Highmore, James D’Arcy, Carlos Cuevas, Alessandro Sperduti, Robin Renucci, Flavio Parenti, Miriam Dalmasio and Antonio de Matteo.

TV show description:
historical drama series, Leonardo The TV show was created by Frank Spotnitz and Steve Thompson.

The story explores the secrets and drama of the genius Leonardo da Vinci (Turner) – his life, his work and his personal struggles against the backdrop of Renaissance Italy.

In 1506, da Vinci is accused of murdering Caterina da Cremona (De Angelis), his friend and muse. Answering a question from Stefano Giraldi (Highmore), an ambitious officer in the Duchy of Milan, Leonardo begins to tell the story of his life. He begins his first meeting with Caterina in the workshop of his teacher Andrea del Verrocchio (Giannini). Giraldi, fascinated by the personality of the artist, begins to suspect that Leonardo may be innocent and tries to find out the truth.

We see da Vinci grow into an unparalleled genius and renowned polymath whose work is upending the established order. His restless curiosity for art, science, and technology is fueled by a deep desire for knowledge, and he is determined to unlock the mysteries of the world around him. Little by little, episodes reveal the inner torment of a person obsessed with achieving perfection..

Series finale:
Episode #TBD
This episode has not aired yet.
First aired: TBD

What do you think? Do you like Leonardo TV show? Do you think it should be canceled or extended for another season?

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