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Has Speed ​​been arrested? What happened to Ishowspeed in Boston?

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Today’s top story on Twitter is that the popular YouTuber Ishowspeed was arrested at his home on August 8, 2022. People are sharing the videos all over the internet, and the reason is great concern.

IShowSpeed ​​is a well-known YouTuber, Media Personality, Social Media Star, and Business Owner from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. His amazing gaming skills and the videos he posted on his official YouTube account made him famous all over the world.

Has Speed ​​been arrested? IShowSpeed ​​Livestream has issues

Yes, Speed ​​was picked up from his home in Boston yesterday. According to reports, the YouTuber was performing a live broadcast when a group of police rushed in and took control of the situation. In the 1 minute and 34 seconds of the video, which is now popular on social media, fans can see a bit of what happened.

Another person, whose name we don’t know, went live on their phone to show the world what’s going on with Speed. But one of the officials sees him and tells him to put it down right away to protect his privacy. Protocol says no one can record court proceedings, but that’s exactly what happened.

Since people can now see a preview of the arrest anywhere on the internet, they are very curious to know why it happened. But no one really knows what it is. Nothing is available except for the handcuffs that have been put on his hands and a few seconds of chaos. When things calm down, the government will make a statement.

Some Twitterati say that the web star called the policeman for a joke just before the live broadcast, but this cannot be proven at this time. So aside from the videos, the public still doesn’t know much about the arrests.

What happened in Boston for Ishowspeed? Is he locked up?

IShowSpeed ​​was shut down last night, and that’s all the media knows for now. The story is still developing, and things will be clarified when the authorities decide to do so.

His last post on Instagram, which has 3.4 million followers, was three days ago. It’s an ad for a brand he loves, and it alone has 1.1 million likes and 11,000 comments. Other than his livestream, he didn’t do anything else on social media afterward.

He’s probably still in jail as long as people ask if he is or not. We believe the YouTuber is still in jail as we can’t find any public signs of him. The investigation is progressing at full speed.

Speed ​​has 10,500,000 followers on YouTube, and his last video was viewed 17 hours ago.

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