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Does Look Both Ways have an accounting basis?

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Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob
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The Netflix original film “Look Both Ways” is directed by Wanuri Kahiu and focuses on the life of Natalie. When she uses a pregnancy test the night of her college graduation, she finds herself at a crossroads. Here, his life splits into two distinct directions. When the test is positive in one case, the woman chooses to have the baby while putting her career on hold. If the test is negative in the alternate reality, she willingly travels to Los Angeles to pursue her goals. Even though the film is undoubtedly fiction, it features a plot detached from a larger story. You might be wondering if “Look Both Ways” is based on a book, since many Netflix movies are adaptations of books. Here’s what you need to know if that’s the case.

Is Look Both Ways a film or a book?

No, “Look Both Ways” is not a film based on a book. April Prosser wrote the screenplay from scratch. The narrative centers around Natalie’s journey, and despite the fact that it follows two separate routes, we learn that whichever direction her life takes, everything is going wonderfully for Natalie. This upbeat plot element appealed to actress Lili Reinhart, who is also the film’s producer in addition to playing the lead role. She told Today that when she first read the script over two and a half years ago, she found it “so heartwarming” and that she “really loved that in both lives of this young woman, there was no right or wrong way”. , there was no bad life, so I just thought ‘This girl ends up being good in both lives’, and that really reassured me.

Since she experienced a similar event during her own life-changing pregnancy, the story was relatable for director Wanuri Kahiu, whose first foray into Hollywood as a director. In the sense that I still clearly remember the exact moment I learned I was pregnant and how I practically saw my life take a comparable course, I felt like it. [the movie] was kind of based on my life. I really liked that because I think there are parallel lives and different existences,” she told Variety.

Although they seem very different from each other, the protagonist’s life in the film follows two distinct paths, and in both she encounters her fair share of hardship and heartbreak. The producers wanted this film to inspire viewers to live their lives without looking back, no matter what choices they make. Because the pivotal moment in the story revolves around the main character’s pregnancy, it also has a special resonance in contemporary America.

Even though the script had been in development for a few years, “Look Both Ways” wasn’t released until after Roe v. Wade. The director was aware of his date. “I am so heartbroken by what happened with Roe v. Wade because it has such widespread effects not only on Americans but also on everyone around the world through all the programs that have been supported overseas. Even though this movie isn’t strictly about making a decision, I love the message it sends to young girls: no matter what path your life takes, if you sincerely follow your heart, you’ll be good. You choose the best course of action for yourself, she continued.

After taking all of that into account, it’s safe to say that even though the film isn’t based on a true story or a book, it portrays Natalie’s decisions very realistically and gives audiences a truly heartwarming and affirming message.

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