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CEO Braden Wallake, who cried after laying off staff, says former employee was inundated with job offers

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CEO Braden Wallake, who cried after laying off staff, says former employee was inundated with job offers
The Hyper Social founder wrote on LinkedIn, “You’ve filled Noah Smith’s inbox with career postings, job offers, etc.

Braden Wallake, the “Crying CEO” and founder of Hyper Social, laid off two employees last week. One of them, Noah Smith, a marketing pro from South Dakota, is currently inundated with job offers.

On Tuesday, August 9, Wallake posted a lengthy statement on LinkedIn expressing his sadness over the firing of employees from his company. The marketing services company was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Only two people had been released, it was finally discovered. Only one of them had been told by Wallake. Smith received the terrible news from his COO and girlfriend Emily Chucta.

Shortly after posting an embarrassing tearful selfie while announcing the layoffs, the CEO was harshly criticized on social media. With over 52,000 responses and 10,000 comments, the post has become popular.

Recently, Wallake posted a photo with Noah which has since become popular on his LinkedIn. The image showed his mailbox overflowing with letters about vacancies. The message reads: “This photo was recently shared to me by Noah. It was never intended for this to go viral, but seeing it makes every negative comment interesting. Noah Smith’s inbox is filled to the brim with job openings, job openings and more thanks to you. Noah will have a ton of fantastic opportunities to choose from thanks to all of you. And whoever he chooses will be very lucky to have him!

The young CEO revealed to PR Week that he has also received many encouraging text messages. When asked why he didn’t delete the post, he replied, “Because I keep getting replies from other business owners saying, ‘I love it, I’ve been there, the worst feeling, right there with you”, I decided to do it. Although this article got a lot of positive feedback, I try to avoid reading unfavorable reviews 0.”

A LinkedIn member supported Wallake and wrote, “You have a good character. Although you have never sought to be above reproach, you are a good person. One day I would like to zoom with you. Wallake reacted, “I’m just content with the fact that I’ll never be perfect. It is always better to do the wrong thing with good intentions than the right thing with bad intentions.

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