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Why did CTV boss Michael Melling fire Lisa LaFlamme? Chief anchor fired for resisting

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Why did CTV boss Michael Melling fire Lisa LaFlamme? Chief anchor fired for resisting

The announcement of Lisa LaFlamme’s departure from CTV News did not sit well with Canadian viewers.

She was a seasoned worker for the media network, having worked there for the past 35 years as a regular news show host and employee.

Widespread criticism of CTV News and its parent company, Bell Media, stemmed from his unceremonious dismissal from his position.

Lisa shared a video on her Twitter account to publicize the event, and it has now been viewed over 3 million times.

Why did Michael Melling fire Lisa LaFlamme?

Although Bell Media has already made up its mind, new information indicates that Vice President Michael Melling had a substantial impact on Lisa’s impending contract termination.

For many years, Ms. LaFlamme served as editor and chief news anchor for CTV. Since 1988, she has evolved through a number of roles to succeed in the field.

According to LinkedIn News, LaFlamme was told that Bell Media had made this “business decision,” which shocked and depressed her.

Bell Media reportedly claimed the choice was made in response to “changing viewership habits” and would alter the course of the show and its host.

It’s official that Omar Sachedina, National Affairs Correspondent for CTV, will take over Lisa’s job. As of September 5, the McGill University graduate will replace his outgoing counterpart.

CTV fired chief anchor Lisa LaFlamme for standing up to her superiors

Many blamed Michael Melling’s misogynistic tendencies as the cause of Lisa’s firing, as her name was linked to the decision.

Canadaland has disclosed full details of LaFlamme’s termination of its contract. He claims Lisa and Melling had a disagreement over two significant issues that may have contributed to the current uproar.

Two examples include the controversy over CTV News’ coverage of the Ukraine war budget and LaFlamme’s defense of executive producer Rosa Hwang against Melling’s attempts to have her removed from the CTV National News show.

Everyone agrees, however, that Melling and the CTV reporters have deeper disagreements than is immediately apparent.

According to high-ranking CTV insiders, Melling is a “businessman” who doesn’t get along well with his reporter.

He’s a man who usually brags about having destroyed the careers of anyone who dares push back and doesn’t like women pushing back.

Bell Media pays Michael Melling an impressive salary

Many people demanded an explanation from the vice president as the dispute between Melling and Lisa made national headlines.

Melling ranks first among employees in terms of compensation, given his position at Bell Media and his influence over its subsidiaries.

However, Bell Media is certain that it respects the confidentiality regarding the terms of remuneration of its vice-president with the personnel.

The exceptional and enormous authority that VP Melling has over his staff is included in his annual compensation of several hundred thousand dollars.

According to CA Talent, Bell Media Canada’s average annual salary is $78,000 and Melling holds a high profile position as vice president.

He therefore undoubtedly earns more money from the company than the average employee.

Bell Media VP Michael Melling is worth millions

Compared to Lisa LaFlamme, whose net worth is said to be $4 million, Vice President Michael Melling is described as a multi-millionaire.

Micahel Melling is a prominent employee of the company, so although he has remained silent about his wealth, it is likely to be at least $5 million.

Bell Media, one of Canada’s largest media conglomerates, generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. According to Forbes, BCE earns an average of $18.7 billion a year while paying its employees on time.

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