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What happened to Kelly Boudreaux, 23? Teenage boyfriend David Boudreaux has disappeared

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Henson admitted to Holbert that the 25-month wait to hear from her daughter was stressful.

Also present in court was Bordeaux’s brother, who often lost his temper before being executed by deputies. After the apology, Bordeaux’s mother, Johnna Henson, spoke up and was upset when Holbert didn’t look at her.

What happened to Kelly Boudreaux, 23?

According to Cumberland County District Attorney Billy West in court, Bordeaux had divorced her husband in April 2012 and was dating a man from her home state of Florida when they met Holbert in Froggy Bottoms. .

She and Holbert hit the bar for an evening of drinking, karaoke and pool after her boyfriend left for Florida.

West claims that later that evening, Bordeaux became aware of Holbert’s status as a convicted sex offender. In the early hours of April 14, 2012, Holbert asked Bordeaux if they could spend more time together outside the pub, but Bordeaux turned him down with a “disparaging comment about him being a sex offender”. , according to West.

Kelli Bordeaux had concealed a dangerous and private affair. Michael was unaware that the handsome 23-year-old soldier had been in an adulterous relationship for over a year.

West claims Holbert punched her, knocked her unconscious, dragged her to her car and drove her to his makeshift camp behind the bar. Bordeaux screamed as soon as she regained consciousness. Holbert “hit her until she stopped screaming, stopped moving,” the prosecutor claimed.

The next day, Holbert buried Bordeaux after driving into nearby woods.

Authorities questioned Holbert several times after Bordeaux disappeared because he was the last person to see her. However, he insisted that he only dropped Bordeaux off at his apartment complex that night and was unaware of what happened next.

According to West, Holbert neglected his responsibilities as a registered sex offender and was therefore imprisoned for much of 2012 and 2013. According to West, even though some other inmates said he made derogatory statements about the disappearance of Bordeaux, there was not enough evidence. to support the charges against him.

Exclusive Kelli Bordeaux’s husband talks about his wife’s situation.

In late 2013, Holbert befriended David Marshburn, a private detective from Smithfield working independently on the Bordeaux case. A few months later, Holbert drove Marshburn to Bordeaux’s shallow burial.

W. David Smith Jr., a defense attorney, said in court Friday, “This is an awful situation. Smith claimed Holbert was drunk and simply “cracked” when Bordeaux said he was a sex offender.

“He neglected his morals. He ignored common sense,” he said. Smith said that throughout the extended search for Bordeaux after his disappearance, Holbert repeatedly considered coming forward and confessing, but ultimately “lacked the confidence to do so because he realized what he was looking for. was going to have to face it.”

Has Kelly Boudreaux been located?

Bordeaux’s family and his comrades in arms are praying for his survival.

On May 31, 2014, Bordeaux was buried in Mount Peace Cemetery in St. Cloud, Florida with full military honors.

Nick Holbert had buried Kelli Bordeaux’s body, then led private detective David Marshburn and his dead dog there.

Marshburn then said: “We are digging a bit and discovering the remains of the garment. We start digging again and find the leg bone. Another dig reveals the full jacket. She is described as having the bag over her head and doing the full nine yards as we take the jacket and pull the whole garment back.

Holbert, a notorious sex offender, admitted to Marshburn that he offered Bordeaux a ride home the night Bordeaux was killed. Holbert lived in the woods behind the bar and worked there part-time.

Update on the Kelly Boudreaux case

Holbert is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for first degree murder and kidnapping.

Holbert was arrested by the police. He then confessed to first degree murder after that. Throughout the hearing for his punishment, Holbert went to great lengths to apologize to Kelli’s family.

When Nick Holbert took Kelli to Foggy Bottoms that Friday night to work as a bartender, he admits that’s when things started to go wrong.

Holbert said, “You and your family probably don’t want to hear what I have to say. Kelli’s mother, Johnna Henson, demanded that he focus on her instead.

Holbert overheard Henson say, “I don’t see how you could take a pretty young girl and beat her for no reason.

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