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Was Darius Danesh’s coma caused by drinking water?

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In 2017, Darius Danesh came close to death when he drank water from the Thames and fell into a coma. But by then, he had recovered from his poor condition.

On August 11, someone discovered him unconscious in his residence. He was later pronounced dead, but the exact cause of death is still unknown.

Was Darius Danesh’s coma caused by drinking water?

On August 16, 2022, Darius Danesh’s family made a death announcement. He was discovered unconscious in his apartment on August 11 in Rochester, Minnesota, according to a statement they released. In the afternoon, the local medical examiner pronounced him dead.

He drank water before dying of a coma, according to rumours. It is unknown if the episode where he encountered a near death experience after drinking water from the Thames caused his death.

According to the Sunday Post, the event took place in 2017 when the musician drank river water to demonstrate how a bottle filter introduced by his company Fresh2o could make it drinkable.

In 2017, Darius Danesh nearly died after consuming water from the Thames.

He had meningitis and cerebral edema, swelling of the brain, but didn’t realize his bottle filter was missing. He spent three months in bed.

He joined Sheridan Smith and Natasha J. Barnes in the acclaimed West End musical Funny Girl after regaining his health. After recovering from this incident, his health was excellent.

As a result, it is no longer known what caused his death.

How was Darius Danesh’s health?

In 2017, Darius Danesh had a health problem. Meningitis and cerebral edema caused him to fall into a coma.

Fresh2o, his non-profit company, was set up to drill wells in Africa. Benefits of portable water filters that fit in bottles were meant to be used. In order to raise money to send the water filters to Africa, they therefore intended to produce a demonstration video.

They thought his bottles had filters on them, so they walked down the Thames next to a sewer outlet and drank the water there. In addition, 99.9% of waterborne germs, bacteria and viruses were eliminated by the filters.

He was able to raise the necessary money and traveled to Glasgow to celebrate his mother’s birthday. He passed out and his father rushed to take him to the hospital.

Fortunately, they were able to quickly diagnose him and find that the Thames Inflammatory Virus had lingered in his body. His mother was in tears and said they almost lost him when he came out of a coma.

Darius Danesh Disease Explanation

Meningitis and cerebral edema were identified as Darius Danesh’s ailments in 2017. He had unintentionally drank the unfiltered water from the bottles.

He thought he was using bottles with filters when in fact he was drinking water from the Thames. It was, however, just a model show without any filters.

He suffered from an infection that almost killed him because the water was contaminated. He was fortunately spared at that time. But sadly, he died five years after the incident.

There were no known illnesses that he was currently suffering from. People are therefore heartbroken to learn that a gem in the music world has passed away at the young age of 41.

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