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The number of times Dean Winchester has died in Supernatural is truly mind-boggling.

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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While fans seem to disagree on what counts as death, most sources agree that Dean has died over 110 times over the course of Supernatural’s run (via Film daily). While this absurdly high number is primarily due to episode 11 of Season 3 (“The Mysterious Spot”), an episode in which Dean dies over 100 times in one hour, Winchester’s older brother still dies many times beyond that. Fans will remember that The Spot is centered on a time loop in which Dean constantly dies and the hapless Sam tries to get to the bottom of the strange phenomenon. Naturally, as in Groundhog Day, many of the deaths are played out for laughs, even if Sam’s chagrin at this situation is still very understandable.

However, Dean’s first death occurred in the second season, when a car accident left him on life support. Notably, his father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), trades his life and soul with Azazel to save his son. This factor further exacerbates the animosity between the Winchester brothers and the demon. Of course, Dean’s final death comes at the end of the series. Luckily, he was reunited with his brother in heaven, giving the brothers a happy ending. While the Winchesters spin-off series will provide fans with a deeper look into the lives of the Winchesters’ deceased parents, John and Mary, hopefully they won’t have to watch the two die too many times throughout their lives. path.

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