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‘The Last Airbenders’ Fans Unhappy With Katara Condemning Toph’s Fraud

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In the third book episode “The Fugitive”, Toph uses her earthbending abilities to pull off several scams and get the Avatar Team out of financial trouble. Katara disapproves of this, insisting that the schemes are immoral, but Toph tells her to stay away.

u/Birchtree16 thought Katara’s actions here were controversial, posting a meme on the r/TheLastAirbender subreddit asking “this [sic] did she forget that she stole the waterbending scroll?” The poster was referring to the episode of the first book, The Scroll of Waterbending, where Katara took the item to surpass Aang in his own magic powers.

One commenter agreed with u/Birchtree 16, writing, “I hate her so much, the biggest hypocrite in the whole show.” Many comments have indicated that Qatar has grown from her previous experience. you/mariobroir thought, “That’s how she’ll know it’s wrong to steal,” and y / Kalkhin4 wrote: “She tried to help Toph [sic] not to make the same mistake as her.” Katara even says at the end of the Scroll of Waterbending that she has learned not to steal “except from pirates”.

Even though Katara feels Toph is a meddling parent, she also tries to help her because she knows how stealing can go horribly wrong.

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