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Only one DC hero can save Warner Bros. DCEU for now and the answer should be obvious

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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From what we’ve seen in The Flash, it’s clear that Warner Bros. Discovery intends to set up the universe and use “Flashpoint” to do so. In a comic published in 2011, Barry Allen traveled back in time to stop his mother’s death by inadvertently changing the timeline and the characters in it. The bug was eventually fixed, leading to a massive relaunch of DC comics known as The New 52, ​​rebooting many of the heroes and giving them more than just a wardrobe change. However, when it came to Hal Jordan and his color-coded friends and foes, they were left largely untouched as they were still thriving thanks to the success of Jones’ Rebirth.

With this rigorous selection process in mind, can Warner Bros.’s new 10-Year Plan. Discovery apply a similar rule to HBO Max’s Green Lantern show and the rest of the chapters in the uneven DC Universe?

Should The Flash really be on the shelf, spending time in a world lit up with shades of Star Wars, X-Men and, in some cases, 28 Days Later (yes, it really is called Blackest Night, ) can be a tricky studio distraction. Through greenish shows, movies, and grand crossover events, enough time could pass that when the Lanterns actually return to Earth, they’ll be greeted by a brand new Superman and maybe even a Nirvana-loving Caped Crusader.

By then, Warner Bros. Discovery may finally be resurrecting a franchise in desperate need of a reboot. Perhaps all it takes is a Green Lantern battery.

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