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How did Brandon Landry, son of Star Hunter Troy Landry, die?

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How did Brandon Landry, son of Star Hunter Troy Landry, die?

Fans of the History Channel’s Swamp People are currently watching season 13, but like many previous episodes, Brandon Landry, Troy Landry’s son, is still not shown on camera.

As soon as news of his passing spread online, people started wondering if something serious had happened to him. As a result, people started searching for his obituary online. However, as in the past, viewers are hoping this is all a fake.

Brandon Landry, son of Troy Landry has passed away

Troy Landry, a well-known on-screen bayou alligator hunter, has one child, Brandon, who is his senior. However, it was already known that the child was his stepson from his wife Bernita and Gerald Hotard, her ex-husband.

Some people thought Troy’s first son was no longer alive after he left the family show Swap People due to his lack of public appearances. Fans are therefore trying to find out if he died.

Some even claimed to have found Brandon’s obituary, but it was eventually discovered to belong to a much younger man with the same name.

Additionally, Brandon regularly tweets on Twitter. On August 14, he posted his last message. He appears to be a resident of Louisiana and a distant relative of the Swamp People. Moreover, he first joined the show in 2013 with his stepfather.

But unlike Troy, the young boy could not follow his father’s example. He therefore made few appearances on the show. But after leaving the show, he appeared occasionally in later seasons.

Troy Landry’s Alligator Hunter Swamp People Family

According to History Channel, Troy is the “king of the swamp” and the star of the show Swamp People. He is one of the most recognized and daring alligator hunters, and as the show shows, his family is behind him.

Jacob, his eldest biological son, is pictured with him trying to make his father proud. In a similar vein, his second son Chase joined him in season 13 in an effort to supplement the family’s income through the program. Holden, Troy’s nephew, could also be seen traveling with father and sons.

Brandon was appearing on the Wild Channel series in addition to the rest of the set. He could not stay with the family, however. He tried hard, but he couldn’t adapt to life as an alligator hunter.

How did Brandon Landry die? – Missing person case

After appearing for one or two seasons, viewers of the Swamp People TV show discovered that Brandon was no longer present. After Troy left, her stepson barely made it to the press. However, it was eventually discovered that he had opened a restaurant and was doing incredibly well.

Although he left the show, his name continues to be associated with the stepfather and stepbrothers’ alligator hunting team.

Her major at Louisiana State University was in business. He was known to be a star player and also played basketball for school. But after finishing his senior year, he dropped it.

Therefore, we can safely say that Brandon, the former alligator hunter, is still alive and well. We may see him at the Walk-Bistreaux, We are his restaurant. In addition to being the creator and co-owner of the company, he is the CEO.

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