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Cobra Kai Season 5 Trailer Finally Shows Us Terry Silver’s Newest Sensei in Action

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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The woman seen in the trailer for the fifth season of Cobra Kai is South Korean sensei Kim Da Eun, played by Australian actress Alicia Hanna-Kim. Apparently, Da-Eun, experienced in Tang Soo Do, was asked to come to the San Fernando Valley to help accelerate Cobra Kai’s expansion into a formidable franchise. We don’t know who she is yet, but the fact that Da-eun is working with Silver can only mean that she is a villain and not on the side of Daniel and Johnny’s heroes.

Fans have a lot of speculation about who Kim Da Eun’s new sensei is, and one of the biggest predictions is that she’s related to Tang Soo Do master Kim Sung Yoon. “[Definitely] associated with Kim Sun Young”, Redditor you/senzukai said about Da-eun’s appearance, with u/Claim_Intelligent answering, “Exactly what I thought.” In the Karate Kid story, Kim Sung Yoon taught Captain Turner (Terry Serpico) Tang Soo Do in Vietnam, and Turner then taught Kreese and Silver the martial art that eventually became the basis for the Cobra Kai dojo. Whoever Da Eun is, it’s clear that she’s experienced in Tang Soon Do and is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Speaking with Term, co-creator Jon Hurwitz said that in Season 5, fans can expect: “A lot of madness; if you’re a fan of the franchise, there may or may not be some familiar faces; there will be a lot of karate. What role Kim Da Eun plays in this madness remains to be seen.

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