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Better Call Saul Creator Reveals Alternate Ending He Almost Went to Finals

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In the article Entertainment Weekly published shortly after the series finale “Better Call Saul” premiered, interviewer Dan Sneerson asked series co-creator Peter Gould about how the crew settled on Kim’s departure from Jimmy’s prison as the show’s final image.

“I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether I should end with the scene in the interrogation room with the two of them leaning against the wall, or end it with the exit from prison,” Gould said. “It seemed incomplete to me to leave them against the wall. At first, it seemed to me that, perhaps in a strange way, there was more history. And it seemed to me more honest that she got out of prison, because, of course, to leave. But whether she comes back or not is up to the audience to decide.”

Gould also mentioned that at one point Kim was going to replicate the gun gesture that Jimmy makes when she leaves, but the idea was dropped due to the mistaken impression that Kim would go back to cheating.

In such Vanity Fair In an interview, Gould also casually mentioned that the show’s staff came up with the idea of ​​putting Jimmy in jail in Season 4. It took them even longer to figure out how Kim would impact this storyline. Landing on a series ending that felt right seemed to be an ongoing process that lasted into the late production of Better Call Saul.

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