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Who is she? A report on the case of his daughter Maria

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Sister Joséphine Rosenthal: who is she? A report on the case of his daughter Maria

The internet is littered with images of a nun’s face with mummified skin, which has caught the attention of many users. According to the caption of these images, the sister of Josette Rosenthal was represented by the head.

She was the first nun whose mummified head had been preserved and seen in action. Sister Mary Crociffissa, sometimes known as Mary Rosenthal, tells a strange but fascinating story. He discovered that the mummified face belonged to Mary Rosenthal, Josephine’s daughter.

Wikipedia Sister Josephine Rosenthal

the Benedictine convent The German town of Hohenwart is home to the Hohenwart monastery. Due to its location, the monastery was completely isolated from nearby towns and villages. Thus, when one of the nuns became pregnant, it was considered a divine event and a good omen.

Sister Josephine Rosenthal was that nun, and in 1742 she became pregnant. She had never communicated with the abbot only because she had been brought up in the convent. She was still a virgin and it was discovered after an examination that she had no right to be pregnant.

She carried the child for six months before Josephine’s story reached the abbot and she was brought before Benoit’s counsel. She was again examined there and found to be a virgin. She had an immaculate conception and was a virgin.

Despite all attempts to prevent it, the story of Sister Josephine Rosenthal reached the public. Father Aaric came to the conclusion that the virgin birth was a good sign. In order for Josephine to receive prayers, he arranged for her to be transferred from the convent to a chapel.

Daughter of Josephine Rosenthal

Eight months into a flawless pregnancy, Josephine gave birth to a daughter, but she soon died of blood loss. The newborn, who was given the name Maria, recovered quickly despite being low birth weight.

The nuns, delighted, welcomed the newborn with enthusiasm, but Benedict’s advice was not so happy. A female that had been impeccably designed had been attested and mocked.

Some people thought that Josephine represented the second coming of Christ. One woman, however, completely refuted this idea.

Father Aaric was asked to inform his congregation of the child’s death. He was saddened by the deception, but he had to swallow it.

The verdict of Benedict’s council was ignored by the nuns. They kept the girl with them and raised her as a nun. Despite being told she was dead, many people were quick to recognize it was a deception. Mary attracted a large following and even established a following.

She was considered an inspiration by people, and just by being there, other Benedictine villages were brought to change.

She was, of course, reviled by the clergy at the top. Despite the fact that she made their churches prosperous, they denounced her devotion as heresy.

Only a fraction of the two treatises that Mary Rosenthal went on to write have survived. This treatise dealt with original sin and the damnation of women. Although she pleaded with the church to reform, nothing was ever done.

Around her 33rd birthday, Mary began to feel unwell. Doctors were unsure of his health, but his supporters believed his disappearance would signal the second death of the Holy Heirs. She would die when she was old, just like Christ.

Josephine Rosenthal had she already been married? Maria Rosenthal: Where is she now?

The principles of feminism and reclaiming respect were influenced by Mary Rosenthal. The church fought her despite the fact that she had improved the neighborhood. After his death, people rebelled against the church and began to revere and worship his bones as an idol.

Josephine Rosenthal and her daughter never had sex with men because they were nuns. Overall, examination of Maria’s embalmed skull demonstrates that she was a hermaphrodite and ready to conceive and give birth to a child, just like her daughter and her mother.

The strange characteristics inherited from mother and daughter eventually killed them. Maria’s pregnancy at the time of her death was also discovered.

After her death in 1905, her blood and skin were tested and it was discovered that she had specific genetic traits. Prior to the mid-1950s, these traits were not associated with a rare pedigree.

It turned out that Marie and her mother Josephine were hermaphrodites capable of conceiving and giving birth on their own. They both have a disease that will eventually kill them both.

The box containing Maria’s skull, lock of hair, vial of blood, treaty and personal rosary are still there, even though the church is no longer standing.

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