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The real reason CSI fans are so torn apart by Sarah Sidle

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Talking to viewers – and even to George Fox – it’s clear that most fans had one thing in mind when talking about Sarah Sidle: she doesn’t belong. Whether it’s a relationship with Gil Grissom (William Petersen) or just showing off your forensic knowledge as part of the CSI team. Sarah was a character that many people found “annoying”, as Fox put it.

“Obviously Sarah has her eye on Grissom,” Fox told EW. “He’s our main character and all eyes see the lab through Grissom, especially during the first nine seasons. So suddenly Sarah appears in this vision. But there were fans who wanted Gil to sleep with Katherine or Lady Heather. [Melinda Clarke]. I also think Sarah is socially awkward and stands her ground no matter what.” To viewers, the show of confidence and attempt to prove himself as Grissom’s partner and a talented member of the CSI team ultimately outraged many.

“In the context of the show and the initial portrayal of the character, she was introduced to the group and is an outsider,” Redditor explained. u/DragonMage74 in the July 2022 discussion thread. “She feels like she has something to prove. Also, she is definitely an idealist, exalted and righteous to the point where she can be nasty about it. Sarah definitely tries really hard to prove herself and make sure everyone knows she deserves to be there and not just because Grissom brought her on board. She eventually calms down a bit.” redditor u/check_cashed added, “She’s getting a little softer as she becomes more connected to the team.”

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