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‘The Book of Boba Fett’ stunt coordinator JJ Dashnow discusses the difficulties of learning the rules of ‘Star Wars’

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Dashnow admitted that as a fan of Star Wars and especially The Mandalorian, the series from which The Boba Fett Book was created, he took on the responsibility of creating stunts for the show that fit very well into the larger franchise. Seriously. “How much excitement [in joining the series]there’s also a little pressure to keep making the show better, Dashnow mused. [represents] the vision of our writers and [keeps] everything fits with what the world of Star Wars is and what all the rules are.”

In fact, due to Star Wars’ long history and heavy reliance on action, Dashnow found himself with a lot to learn about the franchise. “You think you know a lot about Star Wars, but there are as many other rules and things that you need to learn,” Dashnow noted, “as much as possible. [for example] these lasers shoot, there is no recoil, and we are stuntmen who are used to firing weapons and pretending that there is a recoil. The way certain characters move is something you have to learn. [and] come up with what action works best knowing that. I’m still learning all those rules and it makes the job so much more fun.”

The Boba Fett Book is available to watch on Disney+.

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