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Patrick Star’s voice actor talks about his favorite SpongeBob lines

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In an interview with SoonFagerbakke spoke a little about his character’s journey leading up to The Patrick Star Show premiere in 2022. He was asked to name a few of his favorite lines that his character has ever spoken, and it was not difficult for him to choose. Fagerbakke mentioned a moment from the Season 2 episode “The Secret Box”.

The episode revolves around SpongeBob frantically trying to figure out what Patrick is hiding in the box, and Patrick enjoys fiddling with his friend’s head. He speaks the words “The inner workings of my mind are a mystery” to demonstrate his complexity. Meanwhile, a thought bubble appears above Patrick’s head showing a carton of milk spilled on the table, representing the simpleton he really is. The outrageous phrase was a treat for Fagerbakke to say in the studio. “Crazy outbursts like, ‘I love being purple!’ Such strange outbreaks, ”the actor explained.

Aside from his own character, one of Fagerbakke’s favorite moments of all time involves the pilot episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. Mr. Krabs and Squidward send an impatient SpongeBob on an impossible mission to find a fancy shovel. They wanted to get the annoying sponge out of their hair, and Squidward enjoyed the joke. “Squidward walks up to Krabs and says, “9A hydro what? Oh Mr. Krabs, you are terrible,” said Fagerbakke. “This will always be one of my favorite phrases in any kind of content.”

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