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JayDaYoungan Net Worth (Updated 2022) – Biography Review.com

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JayDaYoungan Net Worth: JayDaYoungan was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter with a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022. His real name was Yavorius Tykis Scottbetter known by his famous name JayDaYoungan.

He arrived as one of the hottest new performers from Louisiana. JayDaYoungan rose to fame with the release of his singles such as liquidation as well as 23 islands.

He quickly rose to fame, starting rapping just two years ago after dropping out of high school. It seems like every song he released online became a viral hit.

JayDaYoungan received further recognition with the release of various hit albums including The Real Jumpman 2017 23, 2018 Wake Up 2018 Rise and 2018 23. Music video of the song 23 islands posted on YouTube, has gained more than 170 million views.

In addition to his success in the music world, JayDaYoungan has been involved in numerous legal and criminal cases such as drug possession, assault, felony possession and evidence falsification, among many others.

Unfortunately, reports dated July 27, 2022 revealed that JayDaYoungan was shot and killed at the age of just 24.

So, today we are going to talk about JayDaYoungan’s general net worth, how he made his money, sources of income, career, biography, lifestyle, and more.

Net Worth 2022:

Name Jaydayoungan
net worth $1.5 million
Age 24
Annual income $400,000
Profession Professional rapper
Floor Male
Zodiac sign Crayfish

JayDaYoungan Net worth over past 5 years:

  • Net Worth 2022 $1.5 million
  • Net Worth 2021 $1.4 million
  • Net Worth 2020 $1.3 million
  • Net Worth 2019 1 million dollars
  • Net Worth 2018 $0.5 million

Early years:

JayDaYoungan was born Javorius Tykes Scott on July 15, 1998 in Bogalus, Louisiana. He said the city was 40 minutes to an hour outside of Baton Rouge, and the city’s population was less than 12,000 people. This man must have known everyone in the city.

His mother was in the military, so he stayed with his grandmother when she was out of state, while his father spent most of his time in prison. Since then, they have become much closer when he was released.

His stepfather JayDaYoungan was a good influence on him and guided the young Jay. He had two brothers and one sister on his mother’s side, and on his father’s side he declared that the number of brothers and sisters was incalculable. His mom was strict, always making sure he stayed on the right page.

JayDaYoungan originally wanted to be an NBA player and he grew up watching his role model Rajon Rondo. He was unable to continue playing basketball in high school due to poor grades and problems outside of class.

It was the time when he found a new love in the form of rap. He grew up rapping for fun but never took it seriously. Jay remembers freestyled with friend and fellow rapper FG Famous, and the two of them just put on beats and skated back and forth on the tracks for hours.

They grew up together, their grandmothers were close and knew each other since both were children. Encouraged by his boys, JayDaYoungan released his first official track and his friends loved it.

The first song he ever released on YouTube was in 11th grade and it got a thousand views on the first day.

Then one day he even spoke at a school rally and brought the whole school together. He played in several clubs before he turned 18, which is impressive that he did.

Having achieved little success in music, he was forced to drop out in the 12th grade to devote himself entirely to music.

His mom was offended when he dropped out, but he says he’ll come back one day and graduate. At first, his mom didn’t even know he rapped, but one day she saw his music video on social media where she liked the music.

When Jay first started rapping, it was just for him and his friends and he didn’t think so many people would see it. But eventually his songs started gaining traction on the net, he released video after video, and the number of views continued to grow.

Musical career:

JayDaYoungan released his first cassette titled “YOUNGanimal“, which returned in 2016. His sound began with a true southern feel, wrapping strong beats with a stern outlook on life.

But it has evolved into a more melodic sound that takes the harsh realities of growing up with nothing and shows how success has changed his life and the people around him.

In 2017 JayDaYoungan released “Ruffwayy” but it was a mixtape “Real Jumper 23which brought him a whole new level of attention and also brought him great recognition in the music industry.

The mixtape included songs such as “Sliding freestyle”, which has gained more than 10 million views. The music video for the song was released by videographer David Gee on his YouTube channel, along with Jay’s other music videos, each reaching over one million views.

Another massive song from the mixtape was “Dirty situationthe tape has over 8 million views online and the song has almost 5 million plays on the site. He then released projects like Wake Up, Rise, and 23 in 2018.

There were performances by rappers such as FG Famous as well as NBA 3Three. His music quickly attracted the attention of labels and he eventually signed with Cinematic musical group. The most viewed song on his YouTube channel is the audio version of “liquidation” from 23.

Break through:

Song liquidation brought him worldwide recognition and has been streamed over 19 million times on Spotify. Jay then came up with the idea of ​​releasing his mixtape, forever 23 which features songs such as Delete as well as That That.

The project became a success, peaking at number 86 on the Billboard 200 and number 37 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Endless pain there was another mixtape he released in 2019 which included the tracks repo as well as Ready for war.

As with his previous projects, the album was a success, peaking at number 70 on Billboard #20 as well as number 37 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop charts.

Shortly thereafter, Jay released his 23-track mixtape titled Misunderstood featuring artists such as Lil Durk, YFN Lucci, Lil Boosie, FG Famous and JetSoo. The rapper found success again when his mixtape hit number 36 on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart.

On June 5, 2020, JayDaYoungan finally released his debut album titled ” Kid23. Artists Kevin Gates, DeJ Loaf and Moneybagg Yo performed as guests, as well as hit singles, Merry activated as well as 38K.

Musically, he has been influenced by other Louisiana hip hop artists such as Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, and Lil Busey. Boosie approached JayDaYoungan and said he wanted him to perform at one of his birthday parties.

The two became cool and even wrote a song together, which Jay recorded at Boozy’s house.

JayDaYoungan Biography, Career, Lifestyle


Full name Yavorius Tykis Scott
Nickname Jaydayoungan
Age 24 years
Date of Birth July 15, 1998
Place of Birth Bogalusa, Louisiana
United States
Nationality American
Native city Bogalusa, Louisiana
Height 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight 68 kg (150 lb)
eye color Dark brown
Hair color Black
Girlfriend Cuban doll
Parents Names unknown
Education Qualification dropped out

Troubles and legal issues:

Florida Highway Patrol stopped Jay in Gadsden Country, Florida in 2019 and was charged with possession of a controlled drug without treatment, with a bail of $2.500.

Later in 2020, police raided his home on charges of assaulting a pregnant woman, seizing $24,000 in cash, promethazine, various other firearms, and oxycodone.

It was in 2021 that Scott found himself out of jail several times. He was first arrested on suspicion of being an accomplice to second-degree murder and a judge blocking communication with a fatal outcome.

He was then re-arrested after a traffic stop in Washington County on suspicion of multiple crimes such as child neglect, failure to show insurance, falsification of physical evidence, and possession of controlled substances.

JayDaYoungan Net Worth:

As of 2022, JayDaYoungan’s net worth was estimated to be around $1.5 million. He established himself as one of the up-and-coming rappers in the music industry and gained a lot of fame with several hits and mixtapes.

He came into the spotlight after releasing albums like Real Jumper 23 (2017) get up (2018) Takeoff (2018) and 23 (2018).

his song liquidation also brought him great fame and name in the country. Mixtapes, live performances, merchandise, touring sales, hits, album sales, and his label contracts with Ruffwayy and Atlantic Records were the main source of his income.


JayDaYoungan was able to buy expensive real estate for himself by buying a luxury home in Los Angeles, California. JayDaYoungan’s annual income was over $400 thousand and his net worth grew regularly.

The rapper had YouTube channel from which he made a good sum of money and collected more than 1.3 million subscribers.

Interesting Facts:

  • He released a music video for his single 23 islands which has amassed over 170 million views on YouTube.
  • Jay was in 11th grade when he released his first song.
  • His stepfather encouraged him to start a musical career.
  • Jay was a fan of a professional basketball player Rajon Rondo and wanted to be an NBA player when he was growing up.
  • He started rapping with a rapper friend FG Famous.
  • He dropped out of 12th grade to pursue a rap career.
  • On July 27, 2022, Scott’s family lost him, he died in a gunfight.

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