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Is Laci J Mailey pregnant? The Pregnancy Project actress could be expecting a second child

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Edward Jacob
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Laci J. Mailey, a Canadian actress, is known for playing Tyra in the movie The Pregnancy Project (2012). She started working in the entertainment industry in 2011, so it’s already been ten years since she started.

So we can see Mailey in movies and TV shows like The Romeo Section (2016), Chesapeake Shores (2016-2021), Newlywed and Dead (2016), The Dorm (2014), Falling Skies (2012-2014) and Throw Away People (2012), among others.

Hunt for the I-5 Killer (2011), Captain Starship (2011) and Notes from the Heart Healer (2011) are some of the other films she starred in (2012). Mary Jean Remembers, a short film she wrote, directed, produced and starred in, will be released soon.

The public knows everything about the professional life of the actress. You can find out more about his show business plans with just one click, but his personal life might be another story. If you don’t use Instagram, you might not have known what was going on at home with “The Pregnancy Project” actress. She has been married for a while and has two children. Even if the rumor seems good, she is not pregnant.

Is Laci J Mailey pregnant?

At the moment, the Canadian actress is not pregnant. Her pregnancy news intertwines with her role in the 2012 film The Pregnancy Project. Other than that, the talk about her pregnancy might be true if it was a year ago as Mailey just gave birth to her second child in March 2022.

Mailey’s Instagram handle is @thelacijmailey, and she has 51,100 followers. On this platform, the actress talks about most of her personal life, including news about her husband and children. She also seems to have posted creative photos from her first pregnancy on Instagram, but she doesn’t seem to have posted as much about her second pregnancy.

However, Mailey’s second child, a beautiful daughter, has already been born, so she is no longer pregnant. In her latest Instagram post, March 23, 2022, her husband and son show how much they love their new baby girl.

Steve Bradley is the husband of Laci J. Mailey and they are married

Laci J. Mailey has a husband. She dated Steve Bradley, who is now her husband, for more than 11 years before getting married on July 28, 2016. The couple seem to be enjoying being married a lot, as they post on social media and look happy and full. of life.

Steve’s Instagram handle is @thestevebradley, and he has 2354 fans. His Instagram page looks like he’s taking pictures. Bradley’s Instagram posts contain some really old photos of him and Mailey, so if you want to see how they’ve changed as a couple, you can check out his profile. Bradley uses Mailey as a model for many of his social media photography projects.

‘The Pregnancy Project’ star has two children

The 32-year-old actress already has two children. Cassius Leo Bradley, his son, was born on October 22, 2019, and the name of his daughter, born in 2022, is a secret.

Steve Bradley wrote Cassius’ date of birth on his chest, as seen on Mailey’s Instagram page. The parents are very happy with their first child. Cassius’ unscripted giggles, giggles, photos and other videos can be seen on their social media pages, which are posted with great care and a sense of finding a huge treasure.

The second daughter Mailey has with Cassius seems to be kept more secret. Parents may not want their daughter to be seen by so many people at such a young age.

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