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Is Dr. Zoe Williams Married? TV personality has a baby with partner Stuart McKay

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A media doctor named Dr. Zoe Williams is gaining attention after writing an article about weight loss. She provides her opinion on a variety of health-related topics, with a focus on physical activity, obesity and lifestyle.

Along the same lines, she has gained recognition as a public figure and qualified health educator who offers advice on adopting a healthy lifestyle.

She is not only a media figure, but she is also involved in sports. In 2009, she launched her business, “Sportgirls”, with the goal of educating, motivating and inspiring teenage girls to lead active and healthy lives. Later in 2013, workshops dubbed Fit4Life were also created for guys.

Is Dr. Zoe Williams, a television personality, married?

Since Dr. Zoe Williams shares the majority of her professional and personal information on social media, her admirers have been curious about her marital status for as long as they can remember. In addition, since the end of 2019, she has always been seen with a man.

According to the message the TV personality posted on her social media page, it looks like the couple haven’t exchanged vows yet. They do, however, have a son together. Throughout her pregnancy, she gave frequent updates regarding her pregnancy.

She even produced videos for pregnant women who might have contracted Covid. Nonetheless, they took to Zoe’s Instagram to share the news that baby Williams-Mckay was born on June 14, 2021.

She also told platform users that once she is back online, she will reveal all the information. Following this, she was given a week off from the login platform.

Is Dr. Zoe Williams’ husband or partner Stuart McKay?

Dr. Zoe and Stuart McKay have been posting photos regularly to their Instagram accounts for over two years. They haven’t made any announcements about their life after marriage, but he could be her future husband.

However, the couple already have a child. Before deciding to become parents together, the couple dated for a while. The duo seemed to enjoy seeing new places and making memories. Both Stuart and Zoe continue to post photos on their social media accounts.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Williams’ companion. On her social media post, we can see that she tagged him, and Stuart has also kept her Instagram open to the public.


Dr. Zoe is a media scientist and television host. Additionally, she teaches her followers about health on a variety of channels, including Instagram. She considers herself a well-known person. His net worth as a media figure in the medical field is also said to be between $1 million and $5 million.

She graduated from New Castle University with an MBBS in Medicine in 2007. She attended the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology before joining the Royal College of General Practitioners.

His specialties include sports medicine, preventive care, and chronic disease management through dietary and activity modifications.

Williams was offered the role of ‘Amazon’ in the Sky 1 TV series Gladiators after submitting her initial application to take part in the programme. She had been a full-time doctor at Newcastle for two years.

Zoe has been referred to throughout the show as the “Green Gladiator”, Sky’s environmental activist spokesperson and an advocate for a sustainable lifestyle.

She has also hosted programs across the BBC network, such as Horizon, Trust Me I’m a Doctor, The One Show and The Five.

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