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60-minute episode in which viewers sent letters of complaint

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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The January 9, 2022 episode, “The Big Exit”, discussed the changes to the American workforce brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of the four people interviewed by Bill Whitaker for the segment, two were business owners and one was an economic expert. It took only nine minutes for them to reach their real employee, overworked marketer Melissa Williams. However, they didn’t dig too far to find her – she worked for one of the business owners who was also featured.

According to fans, the episode completely ignores the growing gap between America’s richest people and workers like Williams. The World Bank uses an indicator called Gini index to measure wealth inequality worldwide, and the most recent data ranks the United States 47th out of 168 countries for which information is available. This is worse than China, Russia and Iran, none of which can pass as a workers’ paradise.

AT Reddit thread Published the next morning, many viewers said they thought the article clearly supported the corporate side of the story and ignored the real plight of the workers. redditor u / Ultramegamen wrote of Williams’ situation: “This is a tragedy, a travesty, not a success story that testifies to good old-fashioned quick wits, bravery, and elbow grease… It’s all done to make it look positive while ignoring the workers, the pain, the mistreatment , poverty… Just smug condescension and platitudes about how “strong” we all are.

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