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Why did Brandon Clark murder Bianca Devins? About the killer’s state of mental health

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Brandon Clark, a male friend, killed Bianca Devins, a teenager from Utica, New York on July 14, 2019.

After Brandon attempted suicide but failed, he was charged with second degree murder. Bianca’s death was a big story in the news and on social media. He also took photos of Bianca’s corpse and posted them online, which caused laughter and heartache.

Police reports say Brandon and Bianca were dating, even though they didn’t see it that way.

Why did Bianca Devins’ killer, Brandon Clark, kill her?

Nicole Dollanganger, a Canadian singer, performed in New York on July 13, 2019. Bianca Devins, Brandon Clark and a friend named Alex went to see her. After the show, Brandon and Bianca returned to Utica.

They had a fight because Bianca and Alex had kissed. In the end, Brandon attacked her and cut her neck with a long knife he had hidden behind her seat. Early on July 14, she passed away.

Brandon left his body in the car as he made a fire and listened to Joji’s song “Test Drive.”

After Bianca died, he spoke to several members of her family. Her family called 9-1-1 because her call sounded like a suicide note. Brandon posted photos of Devins’ corpse on a Discord server.

Orbiting involves following someone online, asking for photos from other users, and sometimes even stalking them. The murder was also filmed.

By 7 a.m., people on Discord had notified the police, who had received “many” calls, including one from Clark, and made contact with Bianca’s family.

Brandon Clark’s mental health and Wikipedia

Brandon Clark was born on October 6, 1997. He grew up in unstable places, which seems to have had an effect on his future.

When Clark was a child, his father beat his mother a lot. Once he held her hostage for 10 hours because he thought she was cheating on him.

It happened when Brandon was 12 and was told by the police. As a result, her father went to jail.

Shortly after, his mother was arrested and imprisoned on charges that had nothing to do with him. This placed him in a foster family. Then Clark started acting obsessively.

As police came to investigate Devins’ death, he stabbed himself. He covered his body with a green tarp and posted more photos online. “May you never forget me” was written on a note that was found.

Brandon Clark: Is he locked up?

Brandon Clark said he was not guilty of second degree murder on July 29, 2019. Brandon was charged with promoting contraband in prison after guards found a knife made from a sharpened toothbrush in his cell.

Clark changed his guilty plea the day before his trial, on February 10, 2020. His sentencing was scheduled for April 7, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it had to be moved.

On June 2, Clark filed a notice that he was withdrawing his guilty plea. He said his lawyer let him down. It was denied because he said he was guilty.

Brandon’s hearing took place on September 30 and he received a written response on October 30. On March 16, 2021, he was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. He publicly apologized for what he had done.

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