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What happened with Joseph Sonnier’s ex-wife, Becky Gallegos? Where are their children today

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Dr. Joseph Sonnier was killed in his own home, which left the police and his family with many questions.

After David Shepard was convicted of murder in 2013, NBC Dateline will finally address the brutal murder of a celebrity doctor that was not very well planned.

Another doctor named Thomas Dixon, his crazy ex-girlfriend and obsessed ex-boyfriend, was said to be at the center of it all.

What happened to Becky Gallegos, who was married to Joseph Sonnier?

Becky Gallegos, who was married to Joseph Sonnier, was shot and killed by her second husband, Fermin Gallegos, on July 12, 2010. Fermin then turned the gun on himself.

Becky was shot twice in the chest and was lying on the living room floor when police arrived. Officials said she died at home.

The statement said Fermin Gallegos, her second husband, was shot in the head while sitting on a couch. A black and white family dog ​​was shot next to his right leg and killed.

At 19, Dr. Joseph Sonnier married Becky Gallegos, who had been his girlfriend for a long time.

In October 2001, Joseph and Becky broke up. They lived in Dallas. Cindy Kahre, who was Joseph’s sister-in-law, said that despite the divorce, she still considered Joseph a close friend.

Where are Joseph Sonnier and Becky’s children now?

Joseph Sonnier and Becky Gallegos had two sons, Joseph A. Sonnier and James Sonnier. They welcomed a third child, Phillip Prestwood, who was like a son to Joseph.

Lubbock police detectives ruled Wednesday afternoon that Joseph’s death at the home, where he was found, was a murder.

Joseph A. Sonnier IV and James Sonnier, two of Joseph’s sons, told ABC News, “My brother and I also lost our mother two years ago, but it wasn’t the same kind of tragedy. There is no doubt that the two things have nothing in common.

“Many tears were shed, but there was also a sense of hope that my father’s murder was solved,” the brothers wrote in their statement. “We have complete confidence in the Lubbock justice system and are confident that justice will be served.”

No one knows where her sons are right now, but they must miss their father and mother and feel lucky to have such loving parents.

Why did Becky Gallego’s second husband murder her?

Gillespie County deputies said a man took his own life, along with his wife and the family dog, Monday morning.

Chief Deputy Jim Judd said Fermin Gallegos called 911 to report the shooting before turning a Smith & Wesson pistol on himself at their home in the 1880 block of Reeh Road around 7.40am Monday.

The weapon was found at the scene by police. Fermin Gallegos was able to go to University Hospital, where he died at 6:30 p.m. Monday, the statement said.

Officials said the shooting took place because of a fight between a husband and wife, but Judd said deputies were never called home due to domestic issues.

Yet no one knows for sure why Becky was killed.

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