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The Weird Place Mila Kunis Used To Record Her Family Guy Lines

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In 2020, Mila Kunis and her Family Guy co-stars took part in a Comic-Con streaming panel during which Kunis admitted that she uses a unique location to record her lines: her baby closet. While not explicitly stated, the discussion of where the actors are recording their lines from home was likely a result of having to adjust to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Noting that she chose the closet for her kids because it was carpeted, Kunis went on to describe the details of her studio in the closet. Kunis said: “I have a lot of sleeping bags and my husband [Ashton Kutcher] somehow randomly glued together and then created a little tent that I have to enter and it’s very hot there because I’m in a very small closet … I’ve never been so grateful to be married to a handyman who is also a technical specialist. ingenuity.” She continued by noting that since the sleeping bags belong to her children, she is surrounded by unicorns and monkeys as she delivers her lines for the animated comedy series.

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