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The release date, theme and other information about Lili Reinhart’s romantic comedy

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Look Both Ways: Release date, theme and more info on Lili Reinhart’s romantic comedy

Look Both Ways, an all-new Netflix romantic comedy starring Lili Reinhart, will debut on the service Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 12:00 PM PT. The night before she graduates, a young woman’s entire life changes, as the film tells. The film’s director is Wanuri Kahiu, while April Prosser wrote the screenplay.

Look Both Ways: Trailer, Plot Summary, and Additional Info

Lili Reinhart asks the opening question in the film’s official trailer, which was made available on Netflix on July 19, 2022.

Have you ever thought about what would have happened if I had moved to this town? changed schools? Or have you thought about getting together with this friend? Can your life be changed in a split second? I guess this is my chance.

The film’s many touching, embarrassing, and funny scenes are alluded to in the teaser. The music video has a humorous vibe overall, and Lili Reinhart’s charm and charisma take it to the next level. A brief synopsis of the film was also posted on Netflix’s official YouTube page along with the trailer, and it reads:

Natalie, a young woman whose life takes two divergent turns the night she graduates from college, is played by Lili Reinhart. In one life she becomes pregnant and has to deal with being a young mother in her hometown, while in the other she moves to Los Angeles to pursue her career. In both trips, Natalie rediscovers herself, pursues her ideal career as an artist, and meets the love that changes her life.

Viewers should expect a beautiful and enjoyable rom-com filled with compelling and endearing characters and plenty of touching romantic moments based on the trailer and synopsis. This one would no doubt be appealing to viewers who love films like Once, Begin Again and Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between.

A brief look at the cast and crew of Look Both Ways

Natalie, the protagonist of Look Both Ways, is played by Lili Reinhart. She’s quite endearing in the trailer, bringing her role to life effortlessly. She effectively conveys Natalie’s many facets and tensions, which change drastically the day before she graduates.

Hustlers, Galveston, and Chemical Hearts, to name a few, are just a few of the outstanding and beloved movies Reinhart has starred in. She is best known to viewers as Betty Cooper from Riverdale, a popular supernatural series on The CW.

In addition to Reinhart, the film also features several other actors in prominent supporting roles, such as:

Theo Wilson

Andrea Sauvage

Fernando Ramirez

Aisha Dee Nia Long

David Corenswet

Wanuri Kahiu, the director of the film, is also one of Africa’s most promising directors and has directed a number of critically acclaimed films including From a Whisper, Rafiki, Pumzi and many more. Additionally, she has received numerous accolades including an African Movie Academy Award for Best Director and Best Screenplay for her work on the film From a Whisper.

On August 17, 2022, Look Both Ways will be available on Netflix.

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