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Sheryl Underwood’s sister Frankie had a polio-related disability as a child

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Frankie Underwood is the younger sister of Sheryl Underwood. She has been disabled by polio since a young age and takes care of her older sister.

The American comedian spends most of his time and energy caring for and helping his sister with polio. Poliomyelitis, also called disabled poliomyelitis, is a disease caused by the poliovirus that can kill or make it difficult to move.

Sheryl Underwood is an American actress and comedian. The TV star is well known for winning two BET awards: Comic View’s Funniest Comedian in 1994 and the Golden Mic Viewers’ Choice Award at the Comedy Awards in 2005.

The comedian is well known because he participated in the Tom Joyner Morning Show, which airs nationwide. Later, in 2010, the comedian left the show to start working on The Steve Harvey Morning.

More on Sheryl Underwood’s Sister Frankie’s Disability Due to Polio

Sheryl Underwood’s older sister is named Frankie. Since childhood, Frankie has suffered from poliomyelitis, which is a disability. The polio virus, which can kill people, is what made her sister unable to walk.

The comedian now takes care of his older sister Frankie, and she spends most of her time helping her.

As a child, the comedian and his mother had a lot of arguments. She says her mother once stabbed her father because he got too close to her.

The comedian grew up with his sister Frankie, who has polio, and brother Michael. Sheryl has a twin sister, but sources say she died shortly after birth.

When the comedian graduated, he joined the US Air Force and spent two years in the reserves. In 1987, Sheryl shot to fame in the comedy world when she was the first woman to make the finals of the Miller Lite Comedy Search.

How Did Sheryl Underwood Lose a Few Pounds? Her fight to lose weight

The talk show host started gaining weight and eventually became obese. Sheryl Underwood’s life is very busy because she is on TV and takes care of her sister.

It was difficult for her to balance work, taking care of her sister and her own health. But she didn’t give up and fought against her fat, and she managed to lose 50 pounds.

Sheryl said in an interview that she spoke to a certified personal trainer to help her get rid of her excess weight. So, she changed her eating habits and joined a gym to help her lose weight faster.

The comedian changed her way of eating and started eating healthy and nutritious foods, but she was still only eating 1800 calories a day. Her appearance changed a lot after she changed what she ate.

Sheryl wanted to lose more weight, so she joined a gym and did activities that got her heart pumping. She also starts her day early by taking a walk.

After changing her diet and exercising, Underwood went from 200 pounds to 155 pounds in just a few weeks.

Michael Underwood’s husband sadly passes away

In 1987, Sheryl Underwood married Michael, the man she loved the most. Her husband was a chef and he was the best chef in the world.

The chef suffered from clinical depression, which was a shame. People say that after three years of marriage, he couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide.

Before dying in 1990, the comedian and her husband Michale got along well. No news report on Michael’s death says how old he was when he died. We do know, however, that Sheryl was 26 at the time. October 28 will be Sheryl’s 59th birthday.

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