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Millie Bobby Brown opens up about being ‘publicly humiliated’ by ex-BF Hunter Ecimovic

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Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Millie Bobby Brown said she felt “helpless” when she was with her ex-boyfriend Hunter Ecimovic, whose relationship was “unhealthy”. The actress was hurt by what her ex-boyfriend said on Instagram Live about their relationship.

In 2020, while dating TikToker, who was 22, the 18-year-old actress said she felt “vulnerable,” and no one knew it while filming “Stranger Things.”

Fans love “Stranger Things” Season 4 Volume 2 because it’s an “emotional roller coaster ride.”

Millie Bobby Brown says she went to therapy to help her deal with cyberbullying because “it’s really hard to be hated”.

In an interview with Allure magazine, the ‘Stranger Things’ star said, “I felt very vulnerable.” She also said her relationship with the TikToker was “unhealthy”. She said, “Also, no one on set knew what I was going through. So it was pretty good that I could handle this on my own and no one else would find out. When everyone discovered it, it became more difficult.

After their split, Ecimovic and her friends took to Instagram Live in July 2021 to talk about Brown. They said he “groomed” her and stayed with her for eight months. In 2021, the two people broke up.

At one point in the video, Ecimovic joked that Brown “used his powers on me and manipulated me.” Later, a woman who was friends with him said that he and Brown played butts. He said, “She put a coffee thing in my ass.” As Ecimovic said these things, he and his friends laughed. Her friend laughed at one of the comments on the Live, which read, “Millie is a kid.” She then added, “That kid knew how to s**kd**k.” Ecimovic said, “Yes, she did” and laughed, confirming it was true.

Brown said she took a “year to heal” from the comments before she started dating Jake Bongiovi, the 20-year-old son of rock star Jon Bon Jovi.

The ‘Enola Holmes’ actress said: “It was a time when I was better. When I was treated like that in public, I felt like I had no control and no power. C It was very empowering to leave knowing that I was worth everything and that this person took nothing from me. It was as if I had finally turned a page in my life and closed a chapter that had seemed to last forever.

Brown also said she wants to help people in relationships who are going through similar issues. She said to me: “In the end, all I wanted to do with my career was to show young girls and young people that I too had problems. I’m not that perfect person who sells skincare products and is on the Netflix show “Stranger Things”. I know I made bad choices.

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