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Louise Redknapp’s youngest son, Beau Henry, is currently celebrating his 13th birthday.

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Birth 2008
Age 13 years

The 13-year-old showed an interest in the sport as he taught the basics of rugby and football to his working father.

After going to his first rugby match of the season, which ended in victory, the unbreakable bond was indeed strengthened. He had been officially picked by Epsom College Rugby Football Club, and his pride knew no bounds.

Playing against some of the biggest rugby schools in the country, their oldest player, 17-year-old Charlie, crushed his opponent.

Handsome Henry Redknapp: who is he? Is he the youngest son of Louise Redknapp?

Beau, 13 The youngest child of singer Louise Redknapp and her ex-husband, English professional footballer Jamie Redknapp, is named Henry Redknapp.

Beau Henry Redknapp and Charles William Redknapp’s mother is English singer-songwriter Louise Redknapp.

The couple have two children: Beau, the youngest, and Charley, the eldest, who is seventeen. Henry is Jamie’s father and Charles is Louise’s grandfather, so the names are a tribute to them.

He fell in love with model Frida Andersson after they split in December 2017, and the couple welcomed their third child, Raphael, in the second half of 2021.

She opened up about the difficulties of being partners rather than lovers in an interview with Mirror UK. There might still be some lingering feelings between the ex-lovers after 19 years of marriage, but they put their issues aside to make it work for their children.

The singer emphasized that her children are their top priority as they want to keep them safe from harm.

The boys are also devoted to mum in return as they helped her through an amicable divorce from her partner of 20 years.

The boys’ decision to move in with the artists in their lovely Surrey home was a no-brainer given James is busy with a new relationship and his offspring.

What is the age difference between Louise and Beau Henry Redknapp? Is he thirteen today?

Beau Henry Redknapp recently celebrated his 13th birthday, while his mother, Lousia Redknapp, turns 47. This creates a 14-year age difference between them.

He receives the lion’s share of attention from his parents as he is the youngest child in the family. His mother posted a video of him kicking around the house and celebrated every little victory.

Rugby players Charlie and Beau Readknapp are brothers.

Even though he was only 12 years old, he started showing traits that his father had because he was skilled in sports.

His mother praised his efforts as he worked hard while wearing a gray sweater and Nike shorts. For the clan, it was just another typical Sunday as it became clear which illustrious path they would choose in the future.

Her father, a retired soccer player, couldn’t be happier as he displayed their interests via Instagram posts.

When he contacted the youngster in June with his son Charles after spending the whole day at the football training centre, he revealed his close relationship with his children.

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