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Lawyer extraordinaire Woo is slammed for making offensive cancer joke

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Lawyer extraordinaire Woo is slammed for making offensive cancer joke

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, ENA’s newest K-drama that has taken the world by storm, drew criticism over a line of dialogue that appeared in a recent episode. The show’s thirteenth episode aired on August 11. In it, Young-woo’s dialogue from Park Eun-Woo Bin, who plays the show’s main character, is criticized for being inconsiderate towards people with cancer.

Lawyer Woo’s mentor, Jung Myung-suk, played by Kang Ki-young, was diagnosed with stage III stomach cancer in the most recent episode. In light of this, Young-woo visited his mentor in the hospital.

Myung-Suk told Young-woo not to worry about him when they first met, and in response, Lawyer Woo said something that was meant to be hilarious but was instead deemed offensive and humiliating. for those who had the fatal disease. She pronounced:

The survival rate for stage 3 stomach cancer is between 30 and 40%.

Many viewers expressed their displeasure with the show’s writers over this claim. This statement has been interpreted as an insult to those who face cancer, have loved ones who endure the disease or who have succumbed to it.

Fans React to Lawyer Extraordinary Woo’s Offensive Dialogue




When Kang Ki-young didn’t say a word but the piano background music was enough to make you cry, you know he was a successful actor. Isg if lawyer If you use the d-word in the EAW, I will sue you. The Woo attorney episode numbers are #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWooEp13 and #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWooEp14.



Episode 13 of the wholesome show Extraordinary Attorney Woo contained a dramatic twist, but the audience response has since been very different from what the creators had anticipated. In this episode, Jung Myung-suk, lawyer Woo’s mentor, is diagnosed with stomach cancer which is in its third stage. Jung Myung-suk had previously passed out due to excruciating abdominal pain during an ongoing trial.

Woo Young discussed the issue and made a comment regarding the prognosis for third-stage abdominal cancer patients.

The statement was interpreted as denigrating both people battling the disease and those who had loved ones who have it. Many users and online communities have expressed their displeasure with the show and its handling of the cancer issue.

The dialogue absolutely took them by surprise, according to one netizen who noted that cancer patients enjoy the show:

Cancer center patients love to watch this program, but I get upset when I see how it treats them unfairly. They usually change the channel whenever a drama mentions cancer, but I’m sure they weren’t expecting that.

Another viewer added that the show was just supporting a preconception of cancer:

The idea of ​​a cancer patient isn’t objectionable, but it’s a shame the joke repeatedly uses the words “I don’t have long to live” before mocking the patient.

The reality of neurodiverse people should not have been portrayed at the expense of diminishing the lived experiences of cancer patients, according to another viewer.

“Those who try to defend the scene by claiming it was meant to portray the reality of the autism spectrum need to understand that cancer patients already know this truth and don’t need to be reminded that their survival rate is only 30%,” said one cancer patient.



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Who deserves a pleasant result?

Lawyer Jung…

Lawyer Woo’s Extraordinary Episode 13

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The neurodivergent protagonist of the famous K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has touched the hearts of millions around the world with his benign plot. It remains to be seen if the K-drama could end on the same blockbuster note it started given the mounting reviews for it.

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